How to create your digital experience strategy - Simon Norris Nomensa CEO

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-- The talk: How to create your digital experience strategy

Great experience differentiates savvy, leading organisations. And yes, delivering great digital experiences can be hard, but it’s near-to-impossible without a strategy.

So where do you start in creating an experience strategy? Do you focus on training, analytics, management buy-in, testing, infrastructure, or just getting everybody on the same page? How does
your organisation become capable of delivering great experiences?

In this presentation Simon will talk about a new model for understanding your experience capability as an organisation, and how you create an experience strategy that focuses your ongoing efforts in
the right places.

-- About Simon Norris, Founder &CEO at Nomensa -
Experience Strategist, Global Speaker & Thought Leader

An experience strategist, Simon has inspired and transformed numerous organisations, strengthening their connections with their audiences and increasing user engagement. His understanding of technological advances and behavioural psychology alongside his business
acumen allows him to guide people to think differently and create and implement future-proof strategies that make a measurable difference. Simon is one of the most respected thinkers in his industry, having been involved in ‘digital’ and UX since 1995 and has played a fundamental role in shaping it.

Combining his background in human psychology, biology and cognitive science alongside cumulated insights gained over the past 25 years he also established one of the largest independent UX agencies in Europe. Simon calls what he does ‘Humanising Technology’ and this is also primary proposition of Nomensa.

As a thought-provoking futurist and invigorating keynote speaker on how technology and human experiences should have a symbiotic relationship, Simon’s high-level thinking and in-depth research and whitepapers amplify future visions and inspire audiences to be present
and prepared for the changing commercial opportunities ahead.