• Robin Potter, Lead UX designer at Waitrose

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    "Why don't we just test it?"
    When competing designs are proposed, someone usually says "why don't we just test it?". But it's not always that easy - you can't just feed designs into a testing machine and expect the right answer to pop out.

    Testing takes time and effort. You need a wide range of tools at your disposal to be able to answer all the questions that crop up during the user-centred design process.

    At Waitrose, we've recently moved from relying on full-day lab sessions to using leaner online tools, forced in-part by the events of 2020.

    In this session, we'll go through a real-life example of a live usability issue and how we were able to use these rapid testing tools to troubleshoot and solve the problem in 24 hours.

    About Robin
    Robin has worked in digital design for 25 years, starting with his school's website, and user experience design specifically for over 15 years. He is currently a lead user experience designer at Waitrose, having previously worked in local government, digital design agencies and in-house for major brands.

  • Interactive Crisis Simulation presented by Outrageous Impact

    Your worst day - An interactive crisis simulation- from Patrick Olszowski at Outrageous Impact

    About the talk:
    Are you ready? In this session, you will be experiencing an online crisis simulation, where your decisions will decide how well your organisation fares. Although fictional, the pace will be fast, and the storylines based on real crises that Patrick Olszowski has been involved with (though names will be protected to spare the guilty!)

    We will be using a tool called Mentimeter at Menti.com, and with a simple code you’ll be able to vote along and ask questions. Menti is a voting platform, think Ask the Audience from Who Wants to be a Millionaire. To join you’ll need either a second web browser or device (phone or tablet).
    When you join the Zoom call, you’ll be given an 8 digit code for Menti.com. When you enter this code, you’ll see the voting options on your second web browser or device.

    About Patrick:
    Patrick Olszowski (Ol-Shos-Key) is the CEO of Outrageous Impact, a network of senior qualitative researchers that work with global charities to help them grow their profits and tackle stubborn social injustices.
    Patrick has 20 years’ experience of research and has also responded to events including Grenfell Tower, Winterbourne View and the humanitarian crisis in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais.
    Outrageous Impact does online research to help charities develop new messaging, test strategies before they are launched and create truly delightful supporter and beneficiary experiences, leading to more profitable income, more loyal donors and legislative and policy change.

  • Little steps make big changes - Chris Baldock, Team Consulting

    Behaviour Change - Little steps make big changes

    About the talk:
    Behavioural science is a daunting subject but it doesn’t have to be. In this talk you’ll learn the background behind why certain techniques in UX design are effective, using proven, real world examples of behaviour design and behavioural economics. You will also learn how the COM-B behaviour change framework can be applied to a range of healthcare UX needs.

    About Chris:
    Chris joined Team in 2020, to support the digital design team with his expertise in UX design. He is responsible for defining and optimising experiences for users and patients where a digital touchpoint is involved; for example, a smartphone, website or digital display on a device.
    With over 10 years of experience in digital design, Chris first discovered his passion for user-centred design when beginning his career in web development. Working as a UI designer and artworker on an array of projects at EE, he found UX research and design to be where his skills lay. Chris went on to design the award-winning ASOS app for iOS and Android and led the user experience design team for Rappi; both products which have since been used by millions.

  • UX of LEGO Interface Panels

    Online event

    About the talk
    Two studs wide and sloped at 45°, the most sought-after LEGO bricks of our childhood have a big secret. Their brightly coloured patterns hide a myriad of UX lessons about the design, layout, and organisation of complex interfaces. Forget touchscreens and pixels, this is the UX of the physical world where haptics, switches and funny shaped knobs rule the day.
    From Soviet power stations to the cancelled Dyson electric car, we tour through the design of complex physical interfaces and the UX principles that can be applied to any product.

    About George
    George is an interaction technologist and design engineer living in Salzburg, Austria. He invents and builds future product interfaces with a chaotic blend of interaction design, R&D, hardware UX, professional Arduinoing, creative engineering and magic.

    Over the past 10 years, George has worked on future concepts and product launches for many global brands, particularly in the electric mobility, connected device and consumer healthcare world. He currently runs his own business: Interaction Magic.

    Twitter: @George_Cave

    Instagram: @interactionmagic

    See more here: https://interactionmagic.com/

  • Stoic Designer - Joe Knowles - Head of UX Nomensa

    Online event

    About the talk

    We can’t control everything. This is a fact, but one that many people fail to realise and apply to their own work and lives. We can’t control when and why people ask us what a wireframe is, or why we’re only testing with six users, or in fact, what UX is; but crucially, we can control what our reactions to these questions are.

    Throughout our careers and lives many events conspire to make us give up, to fret, be angry or sad, often to the detriment of our well-being and to the detriment of the users we ought to be advocating for every day at work.

    This talk introduces stoicism as a concept and aims to put personal and professional development into that framework. Case studies from my own career and life will force a rethink of common design challenges, so designers can develop into more rounded practitioners and people – not by ignoring the problems out there or solving them, but by merely rethinking how they approach them. I will dip into specific detail in the case studies, looking at real problems I’ve faced, while providing a framework that will hopefully apply far wider than UX design.

    About Joe

    Joe has been working in UX, research and design for over 12 years and has an academic background in psychology and ergonomics. He is the Head of UX at Nomensa, which is the largest independent agency in Europe, and has worked on a number of projects across government, commercial, education and the charity sector.

    Joe has worked in companies ranging from small agencies to huge multinationals and, as a result, have a good all-round understanding of the application of UX and the inherent problems with trying to deliver great experiences.

    He is particularly interested in lean UX, user research and strategy – and likes to explore the role of storytelling in UX.

  • Carmen Martinez-Freile (UX Designer, Fruto) on Colours for UI Design

    "Practical creation and application of a UI colour palette"
    by Carmen Martinez-Freile

    In this talk Carmen will take us through a hands-on approach to the creation of colour palettes for UI Design.

    The talk will outline topics such as colour terminology, colour theory, UI rules and conventions for the use of colour as well as other rules of thumb. Carmen will then apply these concepts to successfully create and apply a UI-focused colour palette to an app interface in a live demo.

    This talk is for:
    • Anyone invested in having more in-depth and practical knowledge on colours
    • Anyone interested in knowing how to streamline the creation and application of a colour palette in a way that works effectively and efficiently for any client brief without too many tweaks to the process.
    • Designers that might not be as familiar with the UI side of the process (and specifically colour palettes) and want to learn more about it with an easy to follow process.
    • UI designers who want a steadier and more efficient process for the creation and application of a UI colour palette

    7.25pm – Zoom room opens
    7.30pm (sharp) – Session starts
    8.30 – End

  • Level Up your Listening Skills (for UX) with Beant Kaur Dhillon

    Level Up your Listening Skills (for UX)
    Beant Kaur Dhillon, Sr. Usability and UX Research Consultant

    Our relationship with sound is primal and ancient. We survive, grow, and thrive by listening. Yet listening is endangered because we are constantly distracted. Join me in this hands-on workshop to find out how well you listen and what techniques can help you improve.

    This workshop brings together learning from psychology, neuroscience, FBI negotiation techniques, social psychology to level up your listening skills. You will do exercises individually and in groups and learn:
    When do you stop listening?
    What kind of listening villain are you?
    Do you shift or support conversations?
    What can we learn from an ex-FBI negotiator on listening? and more...
    This workshop is based on altUXR email series for user researchers and related UX roles. I focus on a topic for a specific period of time, for example, Creativity, Listening, etc. See a listening email here: https://tinyurl.com/ListeningWeek2 You can join altUXR here: https://tinyurl.com/altUXR

    Zoom room opens at 7:25pm
    Session starts 7:30pm sharp
    About Me:

    Hello, nice to e-meet you!
    I am a Sr. Usability & UX Research Consultant with around 10 years of international experience on leading and executing user research. I help teams set up a user-centered design process and have trained hundreds of practitioners around the world on user research. My previous work has been at Philips, adidas, Ultimaker, several start-ups, and consultancies. You can read my articles on Medium @beant.ux and join my altUXR emails on how to grow for user research.

  • James Eyke, Lead UX Designer, Just Eat

    Online event

    We are not the user experts
    James Eyke, Lead UX Designer at Just Eat

    Designers and Researchers are the voice of the user, we proactively look to learn as much about them as possible and usually identify as the user expert within the company, but what happens if we aren't? And who is?

    About James
    After studying computer science and information systems I somehow ended up as a researcher at an agency. Over time I moved to design and then went in-house. I'm now a Lead UX Designer at Just Eat Takeaway.com working across the various teams that look after our Restaurant Portal.

    Zoom room opens at 7:25pm
    Talk starts 7:30pm sharp

  • Rebecca Kemp, Director of Customer Journey, Citizens Advice

    Leading through covid-19
    With Rebecca Kemp, Director of Customer Journey at Citizens Advice

    This talk explains how Citizens Advice customer journey team is using agile to respond to coronavirus, and what I've learned about leadership along the way.

    The customer journey works across the whole Citizens Advice service, designing services and products for millions of clients. Our mission is to design inclusive and effective ways of solving complex problems. Use of our digital advice has increased dramatically, and we are providing advice to meet rapidly changing user needs. I'll share how we're working, how we’ve adapted, and how we're improving.

    At the same time, the team has moved to working remotely and the pandemic is affecting us all in different ways. I’ll reflect on my approach to leadership during this period of change, and what I've learned.

    About Rebecca
    Rebecca is the Director of Customer Journey at Citizens Advice. She leads a brilliant team to deliver digital advice to their 25m users a year, and creates a seamless customer experience across all their services.

    She is a non-executive director of Democracy Club and a trustee of National Ugly Mugs.

    She occasionally does training and mentoring on service transformation and leadership, for clients like Doteveryone and the Government Digital Service.

    Her website: https://rebeccaindustries.com/

    You can find her on Twitter (https://twitter.com/rebeccakemp) and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccakemp/?originalSubdomain=uk)

    Talk starts at 7.30pm sharp.
    The Zoom meeting will open at 7.35pm.

  • Clinical UX and Covid-19

    Online event

    Dr Gyles Morrison is a Clinical User Experience Specialist and Digital Health Consultant, improving the usability, accessibility and fun people have with healthcare technology. He uses knowledge and experience of behaviour change to improve the way technology is successfully used in healthcare. He has worked with the NHS and a variety of healthcare companies in the UK, South Africa and America on digital healthcare products including Electronic Patient Record systems, remote monitoring tools and digital therapeutics.

    The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has changed the way people, and the world in general, function. Everyone has made changes to their lives, sometimes drastic, not always out of their own choice. And it is this issue of choice, how we respond to the pandemic and ‘the new normal’ that is at the crux of this talk. Dr Gyles Morrison, will offer his perspective and advice on how people are reacting during the pandemic, and how digital health can help.

    We hope you can join us for this online event via Zoom at 7:30pm on August 6th, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88283106111

    The talk will last around 40 minutes and there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

    Look forward to seeing you there!