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Welcome innovators ☺

We cannot speak about innovation without referring to User Experience (UX) and we cannot come with creative UX without being a Design Thinking Mindset. So, it all related and connected. And we want to be in this big space.

The core of each business is to provide value and this value come only with innovation. But how to make a creative innovation that user love, this is the part of the UX. and how the business come over their challenge and problems with innovation solution, here is the role of the Design Thinking.

Innovation is a very proud topics and has and lot subject to speak about, but our main goals here are:

-Social Innovation

-Business Innovation

-Service Design Thinking

-Business Model Innovation

-UX innovation

-… and the list goes on…

But what we stand for here is to do the innovation the right way, and make it sustainable and part of the culture.

We have a lot to talk about, and more to do…. Join the force 😉

With Love,

Mohammed Alibrahim


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