• Lean Service Design Framework - Workshop

    Needs a location

    A full-day workshop on creating valuable services in a structured way. With Elam Agam. FOR MORE INFO VISIT: http://www.uxsalon.com/lean-service-design/

  • Behavioral Design CX - Workshop

    Needs a location

    A full-day workshop on how ton craft customers decision making in digital channels. With Dr. Liraz Margalit. FOR MORE INFO VISIT: http://www.uxsalon.com/behavioral-design-cx/

  • CX Night - Designing the Customer Experience

    Needs a location

    Join us for an evening dedicated for designing the customer experience (3 Talks) Talk 1: Social inclusion In Service Design, Laszlo Laufer, Senior UX Researcher at Uber Talk 2: === Talk 1 ==== Social inclusion In Service Design Making our services available for different parts of society can be beneficial for both the users and the business. But as they interact with each other they bring their existing stereotypes along. In my talk, I’m showing how service design can help to mitigate these problems and point towards a more equal and respectful society. Laszlo Laufer is a Senior UX Researcher at Uber. Before that, he was the lead researcher in payments. His primary focus is field research in developing countries, working on problems like cash payments, banking the unbanked and safety. Before Uber he led the Ux Research team at Prezi.com and taught HCI at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. === Talk 2 ==== TBA === Talk 3 ==== TBA

  • UX Night in Jerusalem - Humanizing Web Design with Vitaly Friedman

    Generic web layouts have become somewhat of a misnomer in conversations circling around web design these days. As creatives, we’re bored and slightly annoyed by how predictable and uninspired most web experiences have become. How do we break out of predictable and boring designs without breaking the usability and functionality of our experiences? In this talk, Vitaly Friedman, the co-founder of Smashing Magazine, will shed some light into a strategy of how to bring personality back to web design, and how we can make our experiences more humane while also having a higher ROI. Beware: you might not be able to unlearn what you’ll learn in this session. Bonus: you’ll see some slightly dirty examples of things being done out there, so bring along some pragmatism to this talk. RSVP Here: https://uxnightjerusalemnov2019.eventbrite.com/

  • Smart Responsive Design Workshop - Jerusalem

    Needs a location

    In this full-day workshop, Vitaly Friedman (co-found and creative director of Smashing Magazine), will cover practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on responsive interface design today. We won’t cover the basics, instead, the workshop covers more advanced — and often obscure and innovative techniques. MORE INFO HERE: http://www.uxsalon.com/smart-responsive-interface-design/

  • UX Salon 2020 - Full-day conference

    Needs a location

    UX Salon 2020, 2 days of inspiration, education and skills development for user experience and digital product professionals. This May 17-18, join us in Tel Aviv to learn and inspire from the world’s most influential speakers, designers and creative minds. More information here: http://2020.uxsalon.com/