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We are proud to take part in the DLD Festival ( Innovation Boulevard - including 25 simultaneous meetups in the heart of Tel Aviv.

In collaboration with the XX+UX community we are hosting 4 thought-provoking UX presentations at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Auditorium.

18:30 - Mingling and Registration
19:00 - Opening Remarks
19:10 - Gila Corem: Close Encounters of the Pest Kind
19:30 - Ora Peled Nakash, UX Researcher & Designer, IBM
19:50 - Shira Weinberg: Smart Replies, Dumb People
20:10 - Shirley Baumer: Show me where to go...
20:40 - Beer @ Rothschild Boulevard :-)

Gila Corem
Close Encounters of the Pest Kind
Agritech is a field where Israel has a lot to offer because of its unique combination of advanced agriculture tradition and innovative tech industry. In my talk, I reveal some fascinating insights about this field from the perspective of product management and UX. I describe a few use cases I came across while working with users and customers (and plants and pests) at FieldIn. For example, how to connect with users who are “not me”, how to change their behaviour while keeping them in their comfort zone and more. In my talk, I pack these use cases into useful “Take aways” that can be used in almost every product’s early stages of development and UX design.

Ora Peled Nakash
Everyday Design Thinking
Design Thinking has been around for a while, but only recently it seems to move out from the borders of studios, becoming a powerful business tool and being adopted and taught by all leading institutes. In 2013 IBM started to rebuild its design practice. By recruiting hundreds of designers, IBM expects to put a strong focus on users, by using it’s adapted version of design thinking. In this talk, Ora will, offer practical tools for applying shared creative activities in diverse teams (yes, including engineers!), that can be put to work every day. These tools will help you align the whole team around the next steps, define your objectives in terms of user goals and needs and create a vision everyone understands and believes in.

Shira Weinberg
Smart Replies, Dumb People
Smart reply suggestions have recently become available in services and products – from smart mobile keyboards on iOS and Android to reply features included in Google Inbox, Google Allo and Linkedin. As we, the users, become more lazy, and these features become more common – how will our behavior be affected? In this session I’ll explain what drives this evolution and why is it happening now, review some top products who incorporated smart reply features, and discuss the future directions – what are the next steps of this evolution? Are we going to lose our personal touch in online communication and become communication robots?

Shirley Baumer
Show me where to go, not how to get there
Shirley will share how at dapulse, we address our most pressing UX and product challenges by utilizing our entire company. What does 60+ people in a totally transparent environment with no rigid job responsibilities look like? Why do we truly care about what we do even though we build something seemingly boring like a project management tool and are not curing cancer? And what does ego, a sense of ownership, and big data have to do with it all?

Drinks @ Rothschild Boulevard
After the presentations, let's get together for some drinks at Rothschild Boulevard... We are looking forward to see you!

Sponsored in part by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange