Virtual UX support group roundtable

UX Support Group
UX Support Group
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Needs a location


Like AA for UX designers.

By the end of the event, you will have met new friends in the UX field and learned about challenges that other UX designers face AND help some of them with ideas of your own.

At this meet up we talk about challenges that we face at our job and discuss how to overcome it.

At the start of the meet up, all attendees are invited to write topics they would like to discuss (1 per card) then at the start of the meet up, we'll vote on the topics to create a backlog. We'll use Trello for this.

We will start the discussion from the top of the backlog. Every 5 minutes, the moderator asks for a roman-style vote from the attendee to decide to spend more time on the topic or move on to the next one.

We will run this meet up via zoom.

URLs for zoom and troll board will be provided prior to the event.