• Leadership by Design: Mentoring

    The Executive Centre, Frasers Tower

    Register for this event here: https://academyxi.com/event-book-now/?c=17336 Mentoring is a buzzword in the business world and many companies see mentors both internally and externally as key drivers of performance, particularly for women moving into leadership roles. The rise of Human-Centred Design skills being brought into mainstream business globally has seen a growing need for diversity across product and service development. After all, if we’re not designing for all, then who are we really designing for? Academy Xi is pleased to welcome a diverse panel of leaders in business, experience, and product design. The panelists will share stories about their current projects, their emergence as leaders in the field, and memorable design case studies. With a particular focus on mentoring, the speakers will reflect on their own experience of how they were nurtured in their career in the notoriously difficult digital ecosystem. This event will inspire and educate with stories of success and overcoming adversity and everyone will find practical advice on how to navigate their career journey sobering. At Leadership by Design: Mentoring, we will immerse you in a conversation that will explore: - Diversity and inclusion and their role in today's leadership landscape, - How unconscious bias affects everyone, - How to find a great mentor, - How mentoring can shape your career, and set you up for success. Don't miss this thoughtful discussion that will demonstrate how the consideration of everyone's perspective will lead to a greater experience for all. ---------- Panelist ---------- Leesa Soulodre | General Partner @ r3i Ventures Nurul Hussain | Co-Founder of The Codette Project Ian Chadsey | Director of JLL's Liquid Lab Louise J Tagliante | Founder & Owner, Protege Mentoring Program ---------- Agenda ---------- 6:30-7:00 - Sign-in, networking, refreshments 7:00-8:00 - Event 8-8:30 - Networking and refreshments

  • Cities by Design: How do buildings sleep at night?

    The Executive Centre, Frasers Tower

    Register for this event here: https://academyxi.com/events/cities-by-design-how-do-buildings-sleep-at-night/ Academy Xi in partnership with The Liquid Lab invite you to the inaugural 'Liquid Lab Salon', an interactive learning event where we’ll explore the future of work, cities, and real estate. You’ll hear from four provocateurs who will each present diverse perspectives and contextual insights on the challenges that need to be overcome in the future, and then, together with your fellow attendees, you’ll be invited to share your thoughts on how these challenges play out from your point of view. We believe the best creative thinking is the result of bringing together different points of view, so we won’t be just “workshopping” ideas, we will be designing the future of work and cities with you. If you’re a designer, thinker, dreamer, or do-er this event is for you! Provocateurs: Nesh Sooriyan-Larsen | Smart Cities Entrepreneur in Residence at Accelerating Asia Nesh has spent his career working on human-machine value interfaces that enable operations to outpace market cycles. Developing and growing B2B and B2C technology products in underground and open pit mining, food production and commodity derivatives. His jurisdictional experience includes North America, European Union, Australia and China. Nesh is Accelerating Asia's Entrepreneur in Residence and describes his role as "building jet packs for impact-driven startups in Asia". Vera Li | Head of Experience Design at Hmlet Vera is an experience design specialist (UX/CX/Service Design) with prior experience in product management, branding, graphic design, and copywriting. She delivers strategic, evidence-based solutions that meet human needs and business goals. Vera designs employee and member experience for Hmlet, one of Asia's fastest growing co-living organisations. Emmanuel Daniel | Director of Digital Transformation for Smart Buildings & Campuses at Microsoft Emmanuel Daniel is the Director of Digital Transformation for Smart Buildings & Campuses, in this role he is responsible for building and delivering the Digital Transformation strategy for campuses across Microsoft. He leads a multidisciplinary team of architects(business / technical) and experience designers. He builds experiences that merge technology with the built the environment, leading to the formation of spaces that respond to the needs of it users. As part of this role he puts in place the strategy for identifying the next generation of products that will make more Smarter & Sustainable Buildings. Agenda: 6:30pm - Welcome / Drinks / Networking 7pm - Provocateur Panel 7:30 - Activity 1: Individual 7:40 - Activity 2: Pairs 7:55 - Activity 3: Groups 8:10 - Activity 4: Collate 8:25 - Final Words 8:30 - Drinks / Networking 9:15 - Wrap / Close *Participants are encouraged to register their interest in pursuing any of the final opportunity areas if they are formally incorporated into the lab program.

  • Blockchain for Every Business

    The Executive Centre, Frasers Tower

    It is highly probable that you have heard of the ‘Blockchain’ before, whether it be in a news article, a hawker centre or on the MRT; everyone seems to be talking about it. The truth is, most of us could not explain Blockchain in great detail, despite it being talked about in every innovation and technology forum. The Blockchain refers to so much more than Cryptocurrency, and has many applications across multiple industries that can potentially impact our lives for the better. If you've ever been curious about the world of Blockchain, and want to learn more about the growing applications of this technology, join as at our event ‘Blockchain for Every Business’ where we will explore: • How the Blockchain will revolutionise industries • What UX Designers can bring to the Blockchain and how to get started in this space • What tools, knowledge, and expertise are required to get started with Blockchain ---------- Panelist ---------- Clare Markham | Co-founder and MD @ StartupToken Clare is the Co-Founder and COO of StartupToken Blockchain Accelerator with 15+ years cumulative international experience in Consulting for Innovative Strategy, Community Building and Operations. Leader of Women in Blockchain International Networks, Women4Blockchain Hackathon Business mentor, keynote speaker for InCredibles Accelerator in Warsaw, Poland and guest lecturer on Blockchain Technology at ESSEC Global MBA in Singapore. Sinlin Yeo | UX Designer @ Blockconnectors Augmented with close to 4 years of work experience in blockchain, retail and built assets on various roles. Sinlin is currently a UX Designer with BlockConnectors working on Project Torus, a private key management system on Blockchain. Making Blockchain make sense for users is constantly a challenge she takes up everyday. Ian Lee | Counsel and Business Development Manager @ Merkle Science Singapore qualified lawyer, Ian began his career in Capital Markets but left to pursue his true passion in business and technology. Long time blockchain advocate, Ian believes that true adoption and innovation has to begin with proper education and appropriate regulation/best practices. Ian currently works for Merkle Science where he assists blockchain companies in complying with their AML regulations and law enforcement with cyber-crime investigations. Ian also heads up partnerships at Institute of Blockchain, a non-profit blockchain education body in Singapore. ---------- Agenda ---------- 6:30-7:00 - Sign-in, networking, refreshments 7:00-8:00 - Event 8-8:30 - Networking and refreshments

  • Human-Centered Design for Everyone

    The Executive Centre, Frasers Tower

    Human-Centred Design is a holistic approach to solving problems that involves understanding your audience on an emotional level. By using a human-lens, products and services that are created are not only user-friendly but also a delight to use. But if you’re not within the tech or design industry, is Human-Centred Design relevant to you? At our panel, Human-Centred Design for Everyday Life, our expert panelists will explore: • What is Human-Centred Design? • What are the benefits of HCD and how do they apply to industries apart from tech and design? • What is the value in using HCD to solve problems? • How do businesses benefit from a HCD approach? ---------- Panelist ---------- YuShing Sit | UX Lead @ Tigerspike YuShing is an experience design professional with years of experience in researching and creating successful digital as well as non-digital experience across Asia. Experienced in working alongside regional client stakeholders and cross-functional teams, successfully managed expectations and scope whilst building long-lasting relationships with his stakeholders and team. Katrin Abwerzger | Head of Experience Design @ PropertyGuru Katrin is an Experience Designer & Manager involved in UX, Product & Service Design for MNCs, digital transformation consulting & start-ups across multiple industries in Singapore and Europe. She's passionate about building fantastic in-house design teams with the focus on outcome and culture. Nav Qirti | Principal @ Ideactio Pte Ltd A passionate believer in power of empathy driven innovation, Nav has consulted public agencies and private sector organisations in Asia, such as the TATA innovation team, Japan Productivity Council, Singapore Police Force, and the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources. His work has brought a critical mindset change in organisations whilst delivering solutions in the areas of innovation, change management, service design, and business model design. Victoria Koo | Innovation Catalyst @ DBS Victoria graduated with a Masters in Service Design at the Royal College of Art. Prior to that, she was in consulting, helping clients transform their business through service design. Currently, Victoria is a designer at DBS bank within the technology team working closely with developers. Passionate about seeing real change, she embedded herself in an organization so as to be part of the transformation process and impact through practice, while experimenting with applications of service design in banking and finance. In her free time, she grows herbs and edible plants and recreates food from her travels. ---------- Agenda ---------- 6:30-7:00 - Sign-in, networking, refreshments 7:00-8:00 - Event 8-8:30 - Networking and refreshments

  • Why every business needs a UX Designer

    The Executive Centre, Frasers Tower

    How and where business is done has changed significantly with the rise of digital platforms, apps and interfaces over the last 15 years. For businesses to compete in this world, it is no longer good enough to simply have a ‘website’, businesses need to acknowledge how users interact with their products and services online. With this in mind, employment in roles such as User Experience Design have seen a significant increase and are becoming critical for business success. But why does every business need a UX Designer? And how do you up-skill yourself to move into this exciting space. At this event we will explore: • Why every business needs a UX Designer • An overview of the current UX industry • What the difference is between UI, UX and where they fit into a business • What a good UX designer looks like • How you can start developing your own UX portfolio • Tactics, tools, and approaches to help you get started in the UX industry ---------- Panelist ---------- Wilson Chew | Co-founder @ Reassemble Coming from a social sciences and marketing background, Wilson first encountered user-centred design while building an app in 2017 - and was immediately intrigued by it. In 2018, he co-founded Reassemble, a small UX design firm that emphasises real users, real behaviour and real evidence to back up design decisions. Natan Santolo | SVP User Experience @ Lazada Natan hails from Argentina, he has been designing and building websites and apps for fun and profit since 1998. Now in Singapore as SVP of User Experience, he manages the Innovation Lab at Lazada, and runs the Singapore User Experience Design Club meetup. Hee-Won Ham | Graduate and UX Transform Alumni Hee-Won comes from the land down under, Australia. She is an Industrial Design graduate and decided to take the plunge and upskill through Academy Xi’s UX Transform course in Melbourne. Through the course, she believes Academy Xi has taught her more than just the tools in UX Design. She believes that Academy Xi’s supportive and safe environment gave her the confidence as a person, a designer and as a team player. With the support, she feels fully prepared to take on the real world in Singapore to take on the UX Design scene here. Hee-Won is always striving for constant improvement as a designer but also enjoys playing games, photography and a good hike out in the sun. Iwani Zoë Mawocha | Co-founder @ Mustard Seed Africa & UI/UX Lead @ Panalyt Iwani is a co-founder and UI/UX Design Lead at Panalyt. She is a graduate of Yale-NUS College, where she completed a self-directed degree in digital design and African Art studies. Iwani is an aspiring hyper-polyglot, learning six languages so far, including Korean and Italian. Iwani was the youngest winner of the Digital Female Leader Award, in the Global Hero category, and is the co-founder of Mustard Seed Africa, a community development organisation focused on sustainable income generation for women artisans in Zimbabwe, Uganda and Swaziland. She holds awards from the United Nations Environment Programme, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and Girls Impact the World Film Festival, the International Baccalaureate Organisation and Hong Kong University. ---------- Agenda ---------- 6:30-7:00 - Sign-in, networking, refreshments 7:00-8:00 - Event 8-8:30 - Networking and refreshments

  • State of UX: Singapore 2019

    WeWork City House

    User Experience (UX) Design continues to be a massive trend with the rise of exponential technologies such as AI, IoT, and Mixed Realities. Designing a great user experience remains a priority as it means the difference between success and failure for many products and services. A trend of focus is a smart, personalised design that targets user’s specific needs. Understanding people’s pain points, psychological and functional drivers mean solutions not only fix but even predict people’s needs. In an age where everyone is time poor, accessibility is another focus for UX, enabling people to do things more easily. Time-saving features include understanding customer navigation patterns and content specific suggestions that save time by anticipating the user’s next steps. With Singapore Design Week 2019 drawing to a close, let's keep the discussion going and hear from industry experts about where they see UX going in Singapore, what the next trends are and how you could make the leap into UX.. Our panel, State of UX: Singapore 2019 will explore: What UX is and the current state in Singapore Why UX is critical for business success in the future What the top trends are in Singapore, and beyond How UX will disrupt other industries Career advice and helpful skills/tools to equip yourself before embarking into a career in UX ---------- Panelist --------- Ettore Manetti | Senior UX Designer at Ubisoft Tony Low | Head of Experience at SISTIC Emily Mai | UX Consultant | Applied Technology Innovation at SAP ---------- Agenda --------- 6:30-7:00 - Sign-in, networking, refreshments 7:00-8:00 - Event 8-8:30 - Networking and refreshments