November meetup: "What can possibly Go wrong?"

This is a past event

65 people went

CowOrKing Space Puzl

bul. Cherni Vrah 47, floors 4 and 5 · Sofia

How to find us

Enter into the building through the entrance on the right side of Lidl. Take the stairs or an elevator to the 4th floor - we will be there!

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Hello, friends,

We are eager to invite you to join us for the November meetup "What can possibly Go wrong".


18:45 - 19:10 Meet & Greet 🤗
19:10 - 19:45 "What can possibly Go wrong", talk by Kiril Vuchkov
19:45 - 20:15 "Concrete suggestions on taking advantage of Go error handling capabilities", Evgeni Kolev


20:15 🍕 & 🍻& 💃🏼🕺🏻

👊🏼What exactly are we going to talk about?

Developing software is a lot of fun, especially when we don’t have to deal with all the uncertainties of life. Hardware failures, software bugs, mischievous users (or users in general) providing bad input - there are a million things that can go wrong within our beautiful products. In this talk, we are exploring how to deal with those problems efficiently while keeping our code clean. Kiril will put the focus will be on Golang and Python; however, we will also touch on other languages (e.g. Java).

Evgeni will continue with three demos to illustrate wrapping errors, migrating to the Go 1.13 error wrapping, Intentional panics and Business errors vs. technical errors.

😎Kiril Vuchkov is a software engineer at Uber, working on a large scale highly distributed systems where reliability is paramount. He has been working with different programming languages and technology stacks over his 8 years in the industry, ranging from C#, to Objective-C on iOS, to Java, JavaScript, Python and Golang. Prior to joining Uber, Kiril worked in VMware with huge enterprise customers on private cloud solutions and developer experience.
Kiril believes in engineering done right: in good architecture design and well-crafted code focused on solving the customer’s problems. He also teaches C++ and OOP in his alma mater - New Bulgarian University.

😎Evgeni Kolev wanted a motorcycle so much, so he got into tech to faster earn money for it. He never got one, but choosing tech was the right decision for him, one which he has never regretted, as he openly shares.
Evgeni started his career with typed, compiled languages. Later, having
found scripting languages, he ran away from type-checked languages and didn't look back for a long time. Now, as a Go and partially
functional programming enthusiast (pun intended), working with a
type-checked language is a must for him - the stricter, the better. Evgeni is part of Uber Eng Sofia team for over a year now.