What we're about

An online and offline environment where RPA developers or enthusiasts:

- meet each other
- share about the challenges they encounter, learn together
- build projects and components together

Share your experiences and hear from others what worked for them and where they failed. See demonstrations of what is possible today and hear what will be possible in the future through integration with AI, DL, ML, etc.

We will be inviting UiPath RPA developers and organisations who are already working on UiPath RPA projects to share experiences on various topics around RPA, the business cases, the platforms, the strategy, the skills needed to be successful, governance, HR concerns, and the future scope of RPA technologies - i.e. the important things needed to get started and be successful.

We aim to meet ideally quarterly.

If you are interested in presenting a subject, contact us so we can schedule you at one of our upcoming meet ups.

P.S. Check out UiPath Connect! the open network of passionate people and companies interested in RPA - http://bit.ly/2N2BHj9

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UiPath Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) Applications Open!

Apply to become a UiPath MVP here: https://communityevents.uipath.com/events/details/uipath-global-virtual-events-presents-uipath-mvp-applications-2021-2022/#/ The MVP (Most Valuable Professionals) Award is the highest recognition that we offer to our community members for the outstanding contribution, innovation and evangelism shown in the large automation community. UiPath MVPs are the drivers in building the UiPath Community, supporting other RPA developers to enhance their skills, empowering women in tech, working with youth, and evangelizing RPA, providing feedback that shapes UiPath’s product roadmap - while at the same time growing their professional experience, network, and exposure. Are you interested in becoming the next MVP? Your qualifications will be evaluated on activity including: -Contributing to the Forum -Completing UiPath courses with UiPath Certification -Publishing components or rating and reviewing content in the Marketplace -Participating in UiPath-related meetups, hackathons, and webinars -Creating tutorial blog and video content for the community -Providing feedback to help influence our product roadmap For more information on the program, check out this link and apply today! https://communityevents.uipath.com/mvp/

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