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This group was started for anyone interested in Robotic Process Automation including the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation and Cognitive Automation. The goal is to create a local network of people interested in RPA to help educate each other by sharing experiences around this emerging new technology!

We will be inviting organizations who are already working with RPA partners, vendors and end-users to speak on various topics around understanding RPA, the business cases, the platforms, the strategy, the skills needed to be successful, governance, HR concerns, and the future scope of RPA technologies - i.e. the big things needed to get started and be successful.

Try meet at least once a quarter maybe more depending on demand.

If you are interested in a presenting, contact us so we can schedule you at one of our upcoming meet ups.

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[Live Webinar] How a Robotic Operations Center will ROCk your RPA program

In This Webinar:

Discover the importance of relying on a Robotic Operations Center to determine if your robots are delivering their expected value while continuously identifying roadblocks and remediation actions, empowering and supporting not only your DevOps and IT team but also your citizen developer initiatives across business units.

We'll take a deep dive into the role of the Robotic Operations Center within your RPA program, present some of the best practices to consider when building a scalable ROC, such as coding standards and code quality, and introduce the concept of autonomic monitoring to deliver world-class maintenance to your robots in production.

[Live Webinar] How to Accelerate Oracle Cloud Migration with RPA

In This Webinar:

Our speakers will go over the common challenges of data migration, and how RPA has become an important tool for boosting the efficiency of data migration processes and test data generation efforts. Understand why robots are perfectly suited for Oracle (as well as any other ERPs / enterprise systems) and how automation can be utilized for data validation when moving to Oracle Cloud applications.

Discover how RPA drives operational speed for a wide variety of ERP processes across business units and see which are the most common ERP processes that organizations can automate.

By leveraging robots to automate ERP processes, companies are staying away from the expenses of customizing Oracle. With RPA, organizations can automate data entry transactions in Oracle applications (on-prem or Cloud) and records by planning automation workflows in the RPA platform and configuring the robots, so they can work either attended or unattended.

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