What we're about

An online and offline environment where RPA developers or enthusiasts:

- meet each other
- share about the challenges they encounter, learn together
- build projects and components together

Share your experiences and hear from others what worked for them and where they failed. See demonstrations of what is possible today and hear what will be possible in the future through integration with AI, DL, ML etc.

We will be inviting UiPath RPA developers and organisations who are already working on UiPath RPA projects to share experiences on various topics around RPA, the business cases, the platforms, the strategy, the skills needed to be successful, governance, HR concerns, and the future scope of RPA technologies - i.e. the important things needed to get started and be successful.

We aim to meet ideally monthly.

If you are interested in presenting a subject, contact us so we can schedule you at one of our upcoming meet ups.

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Upcoming events (4)

REFramework: Queues, Configuration and More - Developer Series - Part 3 of 4

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Register Here: https://community.uipath.com/e/mztb5g/

How to set up the configuration file and the Orchestrator Queues and how to build in the REFramework
Robotic Enterprise Framework is a project template based on State Machines. It's created to fit all the best practices regarding logging, exception handling, application initialization, and others, ready to tackle a complex business scenario.
In this session, we'll cover the following:

  • Settings
  • Assets
  • Constants
  • Transaction Queues
  • Creating Code Segments

Speaker: Chris Bolin, Senior Analyst/Finance Technology w/Mary Kay and UiPath MVP 2022

Automation Hub: Integrating with 3rd party applications via the Open API

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Register Here: https://bit.ly/3UfbVug

Automation Hub is the spot where you manage your automation opportunities pipeline. There might be cases when you have other 3rd party tools where you collect or perform reporting around your Automation Program. The Open API layer provides the necessary integration layer to:

  • Submit ideas from external sources (like chatbots)
  • Integrate with Slack / Teams for bring the key information to the target audience
  • Send data from Automation Hub to BI tools and build custom reports

Recommended for: CoE leads, Heads of Delivery, IT admins, RPA Developers
Speaker: Sorin Visan, Principal Product Manager - Automation Hub

UiPath Apps - Developer Series - Part 1 of 4

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Register Here: https://community.uipath.com/e/m5uaq7/

Introduction to UiPath Apps
Join us for our UiPath Developer Series on UiPath Apps. UiPath Apps is a low-code app builder for delivering engaging experiences powered by automation. This session will cover the following topics:
UI Controls

  • A quick tour of the different kinds of controls with a bit more emphasis on the following:
  • Containers
  • Controls
  • Events
  • Event Rules
  • Set value
  • Open Url

Pradeep Shukla, Chief Technologist Peraton, Inc and UiPath MVP
Prashanth (Andy) Menon, Integration Engineer and 2X UiPath MVP

Automation Hub Best Practices: Reconfiguring Automation Hub

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Register Here: https://bit.ly/3BM2xGb

Various organizational changes determine you to rethink the Automation Hub configuration, to adapt to the new reality:

  • Organization chart updates require modifying the categories’ structure
  • Employees attrition and frequent role changes imply rigorous user access management
  • Business and departmental goals have a direct impact on the KPIs to track for optimal backlog prioritization
  • Learn how to easily perform the needed changes with minimal activity disruption via the customization and mass update capabilities.

Recommended for: IT Admins, CoE Leads, Business Analyst Leads
Our speakers:
Teodora Niculaescu, Senior Product Manager - Automation Hub @UiPath
Sorin Visan, Principal Product Manager - Automation Hub @UiPath

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