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Out of Financial Crises - Into Financial Flow - Success Beyond Belief Event

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Out of Financial Crises -

Into Financial Flow

Harnessing Universal Intelligence

Join us for a Free Introduction:

8:30 am to 10:30 am

Presented by Daniel of the Ui Group

Success Beyond Belief Event

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Attend the first 2 hours of our Financial Flow introduction for free from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. Be sure to leave the rest of your day free in case you want to stay on to learn how you can clear financial blocks and move from financial crises to financial flow.

What determines our financial flow? Is it being good at business? Is it having a good inheritance? It can help, but in truth we all can “be in the flow” financially irrespective of these. You see our Inner Universe (our thoughts, beliefs and opinions) dictate our Outer Universe – what we experience (as within, so without). Many of us, without knowing, have a ‘poor’ Inner Universe, that actually repels money and financial flow, thus we experience that as our outer universe.

We are customizing the 1 Day 'Ui - Success Beyond Belief' Workshop and focusing its energy toward creating Financial Flow and Freedom.

How? Get out of Financial Crisis Into Financial Flow by:

1) Healing Your Beliefs - Example: "I am not worthy, not good enough, not successful, not respected and so on. Beliefs create your reality - believe it or not!

2) Getting You On Path - connect directly to Ui, your True Self, to discover where 'ease and grace' exist. Find your next steps toward creating fulfillment by being on purpose.

3) Healing Your Body - gain transparency over the reactions you experience that hold you back from success. Heal the reactions to heal the body. Become able to move beyond Self Sabotage, to see through the mind made reality into what expands and what creates - see the TRUTH.

Info & registration: Please join our Meetup group and RSVP here on our Meetup page. Also, be sure to register online to attend either the free introduction or the full day's training. Special discount price of $125 available through: Regularly $840.

Receive a free online webinar of a piece of this workshop facilitated by Australian awareness facilitator Daniel Rechnitzer, author of the "All Knowing Diary."Simply click: "enter promo code", then entering the promo code "Christine", then click "apply promo code."

Contact & Info: Rev. Christine Dreher 858-673-0234


For those of you that just love more details, here's more!

Success Beyond Belief 1 Day Workshop

Part 1: The Mind Recreating Your Reality

It is our limiting beliefs that cause breakdowns in our life experience. These beliefs were created when we were young and are rarely correct (i.e. we may believe we aren’t creative, smart or successful – this would have been set up by an observation when we are young and unable to ascertain the entire reality of the situation). Truth heals, cleanses and restores, enabling us to re-write our life experience and create from a clean slate. Where there is Truth, life can once again expand. Limiting beliefs on the other hand cause life to contract, struggle and hardship… so your life is a reflection of how much Truth is present in your conscious awareness, but most importantly your subconscious mind.

“What Is Believed By The Subconscious Mind Is What Is Experienced As Your Reality! Beliefs Equal Your Reality, Change Your Beliefs And You Change Your Reality!” Daniel Rechnitzer.

What You Will Learn:

1. See Into Your Subconscious Mind
Expose the reality you believe to be real

2. Clear Limiting Beliefs In Your Subconscious Mind
Recreate your reality to support your true potential

3. Tap Into The Truth
Your beliefs are not the truth. See the REAL you, beyond belief


Part 2: Your Body

The Messages In The Body

It is of utmost importance, once the Mind is taken care of, to release the past from your body.

Your body acts like a large brain storing beliefs, past experiences, fears and self doubt. Many of your decisions come from what is trapped within your cells. Learn to easily release the past to expand your future.

What You Will Learn:

1. Heightened Awareness
Perceive the consciousness within your body

2. Release Blockage From You Cells
Heal your own body

3. Body Talk
Connecting to your body to find out exactly what it needs to thrive, be youthful and be healthy


Part 3: The Beyond Accessing The SuperConscious

In this session you will be given the tools and abilities to access the answers within!

Within each one of us lies profound genius, an untapped reservoir of creativity, the exact know-how and direction to live on purpose. Some call this the Quantum Field, Universal Intelligence (Ui), or The SuperConscious Mind.

Based on the teachings of The ALL KNOWING Diary, you will be taught by the author, Daniel Rechnitzer, the necessary steps to connect into this heightened aware space at will, accessing those 3 a.m. genius moments any time of day!

You will gain access to all the wisdom, guidance and direction you need, to live a free flowing existence, solve your life’s challenges and find the fast track.

We are ALL WISE at our core. For many of us this profound consciousness has laid dormant under the countless beliefs we carry about who we are. During this workshop we will create a doorway for you to elevate yourself out of the busy day to day chatter of the mind, beyond self-doubt and to the LIMITLESS You!

What You Will Learn:

1. Whole Brain Activation
Utilize 100% of your brain

2. Remove Self Doubt & The Ego
Overpower self sabotage

3. Creating Self Belief
Heighten Self Awareness and Whole Brain Intelligence

4. Access Inner Wisdom & Genius on Demand
Allow in the REAL YOU

Discover the true miracle that lies within.