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We are a Community based group. We work with other Yoga Meditation Studios on the coast offering FREE by donation or low cost classes. Our prices are in line with the guidelines given by the Gold Coast City Council and their Get Active initiatives. In order to be included on their websites prices need to be below $15 - which ours are way below. We are all volunteers, funds go towards purchasing and or maintenance of equipment, hall hire, meetup website costs, admin etc,. We operate in the red most of the time but if there are extra funds available at the end of each financial year they go to worthy charities.

I started this group to meet other ukulele players. We also offer sound healing therapy and meditation for anyone who would like to benefit from relaxation. We are really looking forward to building a vibrant fun community.

We hold uke, sound healing and meditation meetups a number of times each week. You will have the opportunity to come along , to learn how to play the ukulele or practice playing in a group. PLUS you will also get to relax if you like at our tibetan bowl, sound healing class and or meditation classes which help to impove your physical, emotional, mental health and general well being.

Why UKE? ... simply because it's a really cool, FUN instrument. It's a simple and relatively easy, way to learn a new skill and help keep the brain functioning, whilst promoting and supporting your finer motor skills and coordination.The ukulele is a great little instrument, lightweight, compact, affordable and relatively easy to play.

Why TIBETAN bowls and sound healing? ... Simply because Good Health begins with relaxation.


Why MEDITATION ... Simply because it also helps us to relax. Not only that, meditation grounds us, helps us to focus, concentrate and instils a soothing, serene experience deep within our heart - bringing forth a sense of satisfaction, wisdom and happiness.

Why MUSIC ... Simply because music is so beneficial for us, it can be relaxing, soothing, OR stimulating and invigorating. Kinda like the practice of yoga meditation which is very beneficial for health, it also creates a very conducive environment in which we can stay relaxed, helps us to learn and to focus.

Our space has a chilled out relaxed vibe, all skill levels are welcome. No previous experience necessary.


Hopefully at some point, we will be able to bring a little ray of sunshine into the lives of others in our community via our charity works.

Mahalo :)

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