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Ukulele Friends is all about having fun while learning the ukulele and improving our playing skills. We welcome all skill levels from beginning to advanced and love sharing what we know about this fun little instrument. Playing the ukulele can relieve stress and bring communities together. It's also a past time that is wholesome and appropriate for any age.

Come join us for some laughs and music.

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UFO Virtual Meetup 08-15-2020 - Lazy Ukulele Days

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Aloha Ukulele Friends, It's the middle of August. It's feeling tropical outside. So get your favorite Umbrella Drink, your best ukulele, setup your lounge chair overlooking your favorite beach, and join us for some great tunes on Zoom. This week Al has given us some songs that you can really dig your teeth into. (Are you ready for this?): When I saw her standing there, she seemed like My Special Angel, hiding in a Moonshadow. I was just Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon, Looking out My Back Door, thinking that my love for her could turn me into a Psycho Killer. But no, I couldn't do that to My Girl. But when, I saw her talking to Mr. Spaceman, while they were doing the Molokai Slide, and whistling Superman's Song, I knew it was time go to Kokomo to see my friends Sweet Caroline, and Mr. Blue Sky. Ugh. Well, it was the best I could do. :-) Back to business: After much experimenting, trying different platforms and testing with small groups we are now doing Virtual Meetup with the whole Ohana. This will, once again, be in a play-along format on Zoom. We all can't wait to play with everyone in person again, as well as meet our new members in person, but the Covid-19 numbers keep going the wrong direction. Let's hope we get a vaccine quickly. 1. Use the zoom link further below to join the zoom meeting. If you download the zoom app onto your computer, tablet or phone (whichever device you use for the Meetup) you shouldn't need a login or password. 2. In this format one person leads the song, and everyone else mutes their microphones on the zoom app prior to the song starting. This is necessary because Zoom picks up the loudest sound, and if multiple people are un-muted, the sound becomes very garbled. 3. Depending on your platform, iPad, PC, Mac, ChromeBook etc., there may be a way to set your audio to 'original sound'. We'd recommend this, if you can, as the ukulele has a tendency to sound tinny otherwise. 4. In the song list, there is a pdf listing the songs and song leaders. There are usually open slots for leaders, so if you'd like to lead a song, you are welcome to message me back and let me know which song you'd like to lead. Alternately, you can let us know at the beginning of the Meetup for any still open slots, and we'll put you in as leader. If multiple people want to lead a song, we can break it into parts. Please use the Google Drive link below to Download the songs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1S2einwUl3Q_BCDyuwNCHt2uRjFZjQK-W?usp=sharing You can add your name as a song leader by clicking on the link below, and typing your name in the Song Leader column. This is the first time we have opened this list to editing by the whole group, so I hope this goes OK. If you would rather not try, send Scott or Jim the songs you would like to lead: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RGgUS4NWch_PunSKj9arq_LL2p6xOXo4vp_eRLWfIXM/edit?usp=sharing ZOOM LINK: This is the link to the Zoom Meetup. You probably will not need a password, but if you do, it's below: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85687167695?pwd=aHcwM0xpZDJjcUFtVnBBTFZOOEEvUT09 password: ufo If you'd like to be added to the list of members who receive the songs via email, please message Scott Lindner or Jim Elliott here on Meetups. Aloha, and Mahalo!

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