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Ukulele Friends is all about having fun while learning the ukulele and improving our playing skills. We welcome all skill levels from beginning to advanced and love sharing what we know about this fun little instrument. Playing the ukulele can relieve stress and bring communities together. It's also a past time that is wholesome and appropriate for any age.

Come join us for some laughs and music.

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If You Want To Be Happy.... Put a Little Love In Your Heart

San Diego Music Studio

• What we'll do Aloha Ukulele Friends .... Below are the songs for the first half of the meet up, in the order they'll be played in, plus the three new songs we'll be learning, 'All I Do is Dream of you', 'After You've Gone', 'Louie, Louie' (in a new key) and the 'My Honolulu Girl'. If your not familiar with a particular song, YouTube is a fine place to hear them, and often there are ukulele tutorials there as well. Past Songs: April Showers (C) I Just Want To Dance With You (G) Spiderman Theme Crazy (C) Aba Daba Honeymoon Put A Little Love In Your Heart (F) Sunshine Superman (C) Superman's Song If You Want To Be Happy (Jimmy Soul) by Original Key in Eb Huli huli chicken (G) Helplessly Hoping Grandma's Feather Bed (D) The Boxer (extra verse)(C) BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN (C) New Songs: All I Do Is Dream of You (G) After You've Gone (w/ Verse) Louie Louie (A) My Honolulu Hula Girl (G) After we play these songs, we'll take a break and enjoy some refreshments, then after the break everyone will have a chance to pick their favorite song out of our list and we'll all play along. If you wish, bring a treat to share with group. (Finger food, cookies, fruit, etc.). If possible, please print out the songs and bring them with you to the meetup. If you aren't able to print the songs, no problem, we'll sit you down next to a friendly person with the music on an Ipad to share. If you have a music stand please bring it along, if not, no problem, the studio has a few that are available to borrow. Also, We recently have come into possession of two older Ipad2s that are loaded with all our music that we use a loaners for new members and guests. As always, if you have any questions about the group, or ukulele in general feel free to ask by using the message feature here on Meetups. Please use the drop box link below to download the songs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l1wtwlohge5e9yz/AAAUFyF9NwytKprklKxDn9NTa?dl=0 We'll also email out the songs soon to those on our email list. If you'd like to have them emailed, please message us your address here on Meetups. Please use the song versions in the Dropbox link above, or for those on the email list, the versions we send out. See you on then, Scott and Court

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"It's an Irish Sup'pa Man Saturday

San Diego Music Studio

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