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Beyond designing processors, Intel has a developer division (most known as Intel Developer Zone (http://software.intel.com/en-us)) creating tools that advance the computing world and the game industry. The purpose of this Meetup is to bring together HTML5, Android & Windows 8 developers who are interested in these latest tools & innovation.

This meet-up series invites you to demo your code & interact with an audience of like-minded folks, with a strong emphasis on problem-solving & best practices. All developers are welcome to present, for either cross platform HTML5 or native Android/Win8 development, keeping it within 25-30 minutes of interactive talk.

Presentations will be developer-driven, with a sprinkling of industry professionals and speakers invited to demo side by side with meet-up attendees. You don't need to be a high skilled developer, just bring your hacks & others work-in-progress then join us for our series of Ultracode meetups powered by pizza and beer.

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