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Every 4th Wednesday of the month

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Cover topics that are omitted on the introductory lockpicking night. Everyone attending is encouraged to bring equipment, locks, or talking points if you want to present on something.

I'll have a primer on security pins and intermediate locksport prepared but would like to focus on more advanced topics such as

• Alternative lock mechanisms (sesame, rotating disc, dimple, lever, sidebar wafer)

• Impressioning

• Lock Foreniscs

• Bitting decoding

• Master Keyed systems

• Bypass techniques

• Safes

• Hardware hacking w/ electronic locks

We'll probably sit around picking whatever locks we've got, while covering the presentation.

If you have lockpicks or locks you’re encouraged to bring them. We do sell introductory kits and have a set of beginner locks and picks anyone can use.

Instructor Note
Hey I’m Flay. I’ve been lockpicking for years and was the 2 time winner of the GrrCon ‘Cage of shame’ lockpicking challenge. I think its great fun, and I’m excited to be able to encourage others in the hobby. Its my goal to ensure that everyone who comes to the meetup walks away having picked at least one lock and that all the veterans learn something from each other.

If you're interested in your relevant state laws regarding lock picks please use: http://toool.us/laws.html

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