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Yoga for Black Body Joy
“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation” Audre Lorde. Self care is a radical act for Black peoples who have so often been expected to labour.
I am an experienced, racial-trauma informed yoga teacher and a student of advanced yoga therapy and somatic dance.
This group is for Black people (and dual heritage people) from the African diaspora to embody health, self-love and dignity in our body and mind.
Our rhythmic Black yoga offers kind and joyful non-linear movement which is very different from classical, and what I call performance yoga that puts you into set poses that can feel painful. This trauma sensitive practice offers: choice and ignites ancestral, spiritual and community connection. The movements and breathing practices promote joint mobility, pain relief, heart health, fitness and self love for the Black body. We also end each class with guided meditation for stress relief and restoration. We support you to move with choice to uplifting rhythms that affirm Blackness in all of our diversity.\ Subscribe to us on YouTube

The practice encourages you to connect to your body and mind as a powerful resource that you can take home into your everyday movements and habits. You learn to access your full range of motion, take space, make space, unlock your breath and celebrate the dynasty of the Black body in all its shades, shapes, identities and abilities.
I use a range of techniques including, breath work, sound, yoga nidra, guided meditation and free movement to release tension in the mind and body. We give energy to the body and permission for it to rest and restore. I hope that quiet time for the mind may leave you with a deep sense of aliveness, self acceptance and wellbeing. \

Black people from the diaspora, in all of our diversity are welcomed, valued and respected here. The designation of Black does not make us the same. Indeed having space to honour Blackness and the room to feel, explore and be yourself outside of this boxed perception is our birth right.
You don’t need any props. You don’t have to be flexible, look a certain way or have done yoga before. All Black bodies and identities are welcome here. This yoga is accessible by being non standard. It’s designed to bring a taste of joy to our senses. You are always invited to do what feels good for you and to take in only as much are you are able to.
This is a unique expression of Yoga that you will not find anywhere else.
NOTE - This group is an exclusive space for Black people from the African diaspora to feel represented and not fall into reflexive survival patterns that can be unconsciously ignited when White bodies are present*. However, if non Black people still choose to join this group, it is not because they are invited. I would ask non Black people to be mindful of the intention of this group and why it’s important for us to have this space for Black people when there are little to no spaces like this for us. This group is not for you, so many others are.\

Thank you
* see My Grandmother’s Hands - By Resmaa Manakem

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Free Unapologetically Black Yoga Workout for Joy & Radical Self Care

Black people of African descent, (including dual heritage people of African descent) you are welcome to a yoga space for you just the way you are. Please free to check out our mantras here and subscribe to our YouTube channel - https://youtu.be/qNgDx0A67SQ.
Give yourself a gift of inner peace, well-being and Black body joy. This unique yoga practice is a dedicated, positive space for all Black (and mixed heritage) people* from the African diaspora, to move and breathe together, to bring health, wellness and relaxation to our body and soul. If you want traditional yoga sequences and stretches - this is definitely not it.

I respectfully require you to have your camera on for our safety during our yoga class. I adapt the practice to what I see and also want to build our sense of positive, visual community support in our classes. You may be asked to leave if your camera is off. However please note everyone is generally only looking at the teacher in speaker view to follow the practice.

Please kindly use your space if you register or cancel your RSVP if you can't make it.

Along with our therapeutic stretching, mobilising and strengthening of our core and all major muscle groups, we have a special focus on movement and practices for our mental wellbeing. This rhythmic Black yoga offers kind and joyful, non linear movement which is very different from classical and what I call performance yoga. This practice is more about awareness and connection to your vibration and movement in an uplifting Black space, and less about straining to get into a set pose perfected by the instructor. If you want that or a traditional yoga practice- this class will disappoint you.

In this class you are welcome just as you are, to energise and relax your precious Black body and mind. We will be moving and breathing together, to uplifting rhythms, connecting to intuition and finding our optimal range of movement. We affirm who we are. This is a ‘kind to you’ yoga practice using the rhythm and flow of your body to exercise mindfully. You also learn about how the body works and practices that may provide relief for common mind/body ailments. There is always a closing restorative meditation for stress relief and deep relaxation. I hope this time will be a gift of vitality and calm to your whole week.

Never done yoga before? feeling stiff, out of shape, not flexible or rusty? No problem. Beginners and all abilities welcome.
Experienced yoga practitioner? You’ll find something here for you too, connecting to a different way of moving, experiencing and affirming your Black body.

This is a yoga class like no other, with many original sequences designed just for us.

You will need Zoom to join and will be given the unique zoom link each time when you RSVP. Please be on time with your camera on you (everyone is asked to do this for our safety).

Dress comfortably and have some water available. Bring a yoga mat or have a rug or a soft surface to practice on. Please bring a couple of cushions and a light blanket if you can but not essential.

This is a free event in support of our community. If you register please respect the offering by showing up or cancelling your place if you can’t make it so it’s available to someone else.

* Please note this group is exclusively for Black people who trace their heritage to the African diaspora, including dual heritage Black people.

I respectfully ask non Black African peoples to recognise we have very few spaces like this for ourselves and we want to dedicate the space to Black people to address Anti Black racial trauma. This intergenerational systemic, racial stress is negatively impacted by non Black bodies being present. (See Resmaa Menakem’s work ‘My Grandmother’s Hands’ for further reading).

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