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How many hours are your exercising to stay fit? Are you on any physical therapies to manage stress, or to get rid of back pains? Come join me for a 30-minute greet and meet, and enjoy a 15-min Unbound Stretch at noon.

Unbound Stretch is a 15 mins fitness program I had developed from my own quest of getting rid of my back pains, shoulder pains and joint pains in the past few years. It saves me time and money, yet convenient and effective.

This is a sister Meetup of "Unbound!" with focus on exercise and fitness. Please joined "Unbound!" if you are serious about your life and health. I am taking a holistic thinking to approach that, covering mind, food, and body.

Again, come join me and experience what I am enjoying. I am here to share, I am here to help, I am here to inspire, I am here to make this world a better place!

Think differently, Eat differently, Act differently, Money differently! Welcome to the "Unbound!" world!

David Zeng

www.UnboundMyLife.com (http://www.unboundmylife.com/)

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