What we're about

Now is a revolutionary time on the planet.

A time when we are rising in love.

A time of healing, awakening, transformation, where we're rediscovering the infinite beings of love we really are.

This is a group for anyone who feels the call to be their infinite spiritual selves, to release old fear based ways of being, and to live in unconditional love and freedom, fully empowered to heal and create a blissful reality.

We believe:

--- We are all UNLIMITED beings.

--- To love UNCONDITIONALLY is our natural state.
--- Our DARKEST times help our LIGHT SHINE BRIGHTER.
--- We are all empowered to HEAL or CREATE anything.
--- We're to live lives of JOY, FUN, PLAY & ECSTATIC BLISS.
--- Together we are creating HEAVEN here on EARTH.

At our meetups what you'll experiences includes:

- High vibration energy & consciousness transmissions.
- Healing wisdom and loving energy.
- Heart centred, empowered unconditionally loving community.
- People aligning with their true authentic selves.
- Synchronous loving connection.
High vibe guided meditation and energy downloads.

Join the revolution, and expand love, joy and healing within yourself and around the planet. <3

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You Are Worthy - A one day workshop

The Leela Centre

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