Unconference - Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2019 in Philadelphia


The planned schedule for the evening: Room 126A

• Introduction, sponsor lightning talks
• Open space nomination, voting, scheduling
• Food and beer, networking
• Talks and open space
• Cloud Foundry themed game

• Sponsor Talk from SAP - 'Cloud Foundry at Scale' by Jens Huesken

Our Cloud Foundry Foundations have grown over the last years and are amongst the biggest foundations in the industry.
The deployments cover the major hyperscalers and SAP datacenters world-wide which means we need streamlined processes for keeping those up-to-date.
With the above mentioned growth came some challenges, one example is the scaling of components within a foundation.
Jens is going to talk about experiences and respective challenges while outlining possible solution approaches and opportunities of collaboration within the CF Community.

• Sponsor Talks from Pivotal

'Do the right thing: A quick dive on how and why we’re working to make PCF accessible' by Raquel Breternitz
PCF has come a long way since 2013, and with it has come a greater demand for it to be usable by a diverse group of users with a large spectrum of disabilities. I’ll be talking about my efforts alongside the AppsManager team to make our products more accessible across PCF, and how it’s going to help us build more innovative and viable software products.

'A new lens - reframing the talent gap' by Prity Patel
Much research has been done in identifying an upcoming talent gap, particularly in the tech community. Training is the preferred solution to address the skills shortage, though perhaps it's time to put on a new lens and reframe the skills we are looking for, the ways we're searching and how we're hiring.

• Sponsor Talk from Stark & Wayne by James Hunt

'Disaster Recovery Is Just A Surprise Migration: Using Your Data Protection System to Relocate to That Shiny New Data Center.'

• Talk #1
'Runtime issues are Jenga, Knowledge is here to Support.' by Roshni Champati from Pivotal
Building apps and services on a Cloud Foundry Foundation is often like a game of Jenga because of the unforseen challenges. Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry Knowledge Base is where we proactively publish solutions to issues our customers face. Have you checked the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Knowledge Base? Come and play a game of Jenga with us.

• Talk #2
'Service governance in production-ready containerized Cloud Foundry with Istio' by Gong Zhang and Enrique Encalada from IBM
Containerized Cloud Foundry (CF) turns traditional CF components into micro-services in the Kubernetes(K8s) world. This approach embraces the benefits that K8s brings and also opens up opportunities to manage CF services. Istio, a mature service mesh solution, provides complete abilities for behavioral insights and operational control over the service mesh. In this topic, we will take IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE) as an example, to share our experiences about how we adopt Istio into CFEE and utilize Istio to improve operational insights and resolve operation pain points from real world, for example, observing components interactions during application staging, A/B testing and canary upgrade for CF components and failure recovery under workload etc.

• Talk #3
'Release Engineering as a Service - the art of integrating with K8s and Cloud Foundry' by Maryam Labib and Ramya Shenoy from Pivotal
We're missing opportunities to improve and optimise the software integration process. This lack of focus can decrease code quality, mask incompatibility between components, and frustrate users that seek reliable release cadence.
In this talk, two creative engineers will tell the story of how their team built ‘Release Engineering as a Service’ in order to tackle slow release cycles and endless bug reports.
The aim of the talk is to help open source contributors understand how small changes to their integration process can have an enormous impact on how fast their favourite features get delivered.