What we're about

Rediscover the opposite sex - with compassion, understanding and the ability to get what you need from them with less effort and more satisfaction for both of you.

PAX, the Latin word for “peace” and an acronym for Partnership, Adoration and Xtasy, creates peace between the sexes by providing unique and immediately useful information to women.

PAX’s flagship program, the Queen's Code®, is a weekend educational workshop for women, which transforms the way they relate to men. It facilitates the reconciliation many women are seeking with men and outlines the skills necessary for women to realize powerful, satisfying relationships with all of the men in their lives.

A Hero's Challenge: Being an Extraordinary Man is PAX's first workshop for men. It an opportunity to understand what drives you towards your goals or away from them, towards your greatest Self or away from it.

In partnership with PAX we provide extraordinary information with which women and men can profoundly affect their relationships with members of the opposite sex of all ages and in all circumstances. Hope to meet up with you at an event!

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