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Fine Tuning the Technical Side of Your Photography
for those with cameras that shoot in the manual mode

$79 early registration price through two weeks before
$99 regular price

This class builds on what we learned in Shoot in Manual- Exposure. It’s the fourth class in the Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography.

Bring your camera with a fully charged battery and your camera manual for this hands-on workshop!

In this class, we’ll have a quick review of Exposure since it is the foundation of photography and the most important thing for you to know.

• We’ll go over the Menus and how to find what you are looking for.

• White Balance – You will learn how to manage the colors of your camera under
any lighting condition. We talk about setting your Kelvin number and Custom White balance. Shooting in RAW is helpful but getting the color right as you shoot will give you the most beautiful images.

• Focal points and Focus Modes – How to change and why you would! Sharp pictures every time!

• Metering modes – Evaluative, Matrix, Spot, Center-Weighted. Your metering mode affects your exposure. Learn which metering mode is best for which circumstance. And of course, you’ll learn HOW to change them.

• Drive modes – Single, continuous and timer. Why, when and how!

• Exposure compensation. How to and why.

• Practice time!! Practicing with the instructor right there will help you remember and seal into your brain what you just learned. Plus it’s fun!!

Just by taking and UNDERSTANDING what we teach in the Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography, you will have such a great foundation in your photography education. Everything will start making sense.

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