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As a mom-to-be you probably know the pelvic floor is important, but what do you really know about this mysterious body part? You may have wondered, “where is my pelvic floor?”, "what does it do?" or “how do I engage it?”. What you may not know is that your pelvic floor is actually the deepest, lowest part of your core. In other words, it's the foundation of your core, so a highly important area! This entire group of muscles creates your Whole Core, an elaborately woven system which includes your diaphragm, abs and back muscles, all of which need toning, stretching and recovering from pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. ALL of these Whole Core muscles work together to stabilize your entire center, and even more so during pregnancy. As your center expands, all of these muscles get can stretched, foreshortened and sometimes distressed. They need very specific prenatal and postpartum care to safely stabilize and recover back to healthy function. The process of pregnancy and recovery is a big one, so in this educational and experiential workshop you will:

• Get to know your Whole Core — where it is, what it does, and why it's critical to a successful pregnancy, delivery and recovery
• Learn the ABCs (Alignment/Awareness, Breath, and Coordination) of Whole Core training
• Get a headstart on your postpartum care
• Participate in an open discussion on this intimate subject and a have chance to ask your sensitive questions in a safe and nurturing environment

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