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Relationships can be wonderful and yet confusing, exciting and yet frustrating, fun and yet infuriating, passionate and yet emotionally draining. There is perhaps no area of our life that carries more meaning and value than our relationships.

For many of us, the template of what an intimate relationship is supposed to offer was set by popular culture: movies, music, novels, and even fairy tales. We want to fill some conscious or unconscious sense of lack, to write a happy ending to our story. The promise is that we will finally feel accepted, cared for, loved, and whole.

Yet, too often the example of what we find normal or attainable was set for us in an unfortunate or haphazard way by the relationship between our parents. We may struggle to do better as models for our own children. At the same time, expectations for relationships have never been higher, as affairs and divorce are rampant.

Merely doing what comes naturally is obviously not cutting it. How can we up our game?

None of us is perfect. Through the various false starts, missteps, broken hearts, and battle wounds, we are all in an ongoing process of learning about how to be relational. But this meetup goes beyond trial and error, drawing on the great advancements of psychology in recent years.

My name is Andre Lampa. In my private practice (see https://CoupleSolutions.ca ), I work in depth with couples and singles on their particular relationship situations, using the models and methods offered by research and clinical experience.

I am here to support this community with two kinds of meetings.

1) Free informational meetings open to the public. I will present various ideas and examples, with an optional activity like a questionnaire or a simple exercise. I will answer questions, and then open up to general discussion. I will ask that private information not be shared.

2) Smaller closed meetings to help regular attendees share about and make progress in their relationship. Individuals will be encouraged to speak mainly about their own experience, not about their partner's faults. The focus will be to develop goals for the self. Some of your experience in these meetings will be created by each other, through profound sharing and witnessing without shaming or advice-giving. My role will be to moderate the flow, and maintain the structure and agreements of respect and confidentiality. Membership in this sub-group will be strictly confidential, and confined to those who can attend regularly. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with you!

Andre Lampa

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