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It may sound like a total oxymoron statement, almost as impossible as getting Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress to work together for the interests of our nation, but the underlying core roots of both Religion (Faith) and Science (Facts) is the desire to seek the ultimate cosmic TRUTHS (unlike the US Congress).

As a former atheist (actually I was more a GOD-bigot) nuclear physicist, the path of science (which I arrogantly envisage would kill off all GOD crazy ideas) has in fact led me to the logical conclusion that there is indeed a Single Omnipotent Consciousness (aka my scientific definition of GOD....and no I have no other religious name for GOD other than GOD). Sometimes I will refer to GOD as He (traditionalist) or It (LGBTQ), and I have never fully read any holy books, only very boring technical science books and journals. So my historical knowledge of Religion is very weak (I consider this a plus) and comes from watching movies and what is pasted on social media news outlets (which typically slants religion as the cause of wars, famine, disasters, etc....though I have never seen GOD in any of the news clip actually do all these bad things himself/itself, it always appears to me that Men are predominantly the real culprits in doing these bad things and framing GOD).

In my personal search for the ultimate cosmic truths, I have stumbled upon and developed new science and new mathematics....and yes it is all logically and experimentally provable. And it is these new facts that has brought me out of my own personal wilderness into the proverbial light. I would like to meet like-minded Believers, Non-Believers, those sitting on the fence, to wisely discuss and dissect these fundamental new facts, and to let these provable and verifiable truths lead us on the righteous path(s).

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