What we're about

What are the courses all about?

Our courses are for anyone who is interested in learning more about software testing as a possible career.

You don’t have to be technical, the most important thing is to be open to learning and have a positive approach to work.

Anyone – from looking for your first job to experienced professionals looking for an alternative career path, or just to learn a bit more about the software testing process; are all welcome to come along!

In the courses we will cover an introduction to software testing terminology, skills with practical demonstrations and then more; so everyone can get involved. Please come along with an open mind, meet like minded people and see what you can learn.

The first course is '1. Introduction to Software Testing' and here are the topics which will be covered in this one:

– What is it software testing?

– Where does software testing fit?

– Practical applications of testing

– Career choices & is this correct for me?

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1. Introduction to Software Testing by Unify Academy

Virgin Money

Unify Academy 1. Introduction to Software Testing

Virgin Money

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