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We are a non-for profit pick up soccer group who have come together, built on the belief that soccer/futbol/football brings people together and that it is the greatest sport in the world!

This group is for anyone and everyone ranging from beginner to experienced, welcoming anyone of any skill level as long as they have the interest, spirit, wanting some exercise, dedication, and most importantly passion to play the game.

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So come on by, to check out weekly meetup events in person and kick a ball around, we play all year round, with about 120+ games annually, predominantly in Springfield and Elizabeth, but also Summit, and Cranford.

We do charge members an annual fee so the group can get permitted fields, provide pinnies, balls, goalie gloves, group insurance, and other equipment.

For those looking to try out the group: first time trying out the meetup on a non-permitted field (The meetup event will tell you if it is Permitted or not) is free then to continue the trial period you will pay 5(2nd game) then 10 ( 3rd game) dollars for the subsequent games. After your third trial period game, you must pay the annual fee to continue playing in the group. You can also just pay the annual fee and not have to worry about the trial period, additionally trial period fees do not transfer over to the annual fee. Returning members from previous years cannot partake in the trial period payments as they have already tried the group out. If a field is "permitted" you must/ must have paid the annual fee to participate as a member, and/or be a walk-on (someone with no RSVP or even part of the group). Walk-ons must pay $5 to play before the match starts and will be expected to pay the annual fee thereafter. Being a walk-on for a permitted day is a one time deal.

The annual fee: 50 dollars via venmo and 55 in cash
For Venmo: UnionCtyCoEdSoccer

Please message with your full legal name when you pay

Failure to pay the annual fee or the per day fee will result in you not being allowed to play that day and possibly kicked from the group. All players must sign waivers of liability and understand by joining this group, you waive any claim of injury or financial losses stemming from participating in this group or any of the towns whose fields we use.

If you join, please be sure to set your privacy settings to be able to receive messages from other members of this meetup or else you will be considered a bot/fake profile, and then promptly removed from the group.

For attendance: We take attendance very seriously in this meetup, if you don't show after RSVP-ing "yes", you will given a "strike" after 3 times (this also will affect you if you have a +1 and that guest does not show up but you do), you will be set as a "No" for a base of two weeks, which will increase in time. You will be unable to hold a RSVP spot but will be allowed to be a "walk on" should there be an open slot. Strikes can go away over the course of 6 months after it is received or can be "paid" away at 5 dollars per strike. You are also expected to be at the field at the designated time, if you show up after team selection has finished, you will automatically be placed into goal for 15 minutes. Please understand, many players show up on time, it is expected you do so as well, as being late delays and penalizes those who show up on time. If you do not show up within 6 months of joining,you will be messaged about why, failure to answer will result in you being removed from the group. Good news is, you can always reapply unless you were banned.

For game-play: We follow most standard FIFA rules however there is NO SLIDING what so ever allowed or ground play from field players, you will be given a yellow automatically for doing so. Keepers are the ONLY people on the field allowed to slide with the understanding they do so with extreme care, nobody wants to get injured. Following the rules of offences, organizers/coordinators will hand out yellow and red cards as needed to curb individuals from continued unsportsmanlike conduct and for violation of the FIFA/house rules. Yellow means warning, red means you're kicked off for the remainder of the game and for one week after receiving the card. You can accumulate yellows in back to back games, and 2 yellows in a game or in back to back games = a red card, in which you are banned for a game. However, if you get one yellow, and are able to avoid getting anymore for 2 weeks,the yellow card will go away on your record. More than 1 red card in a year will lead to harsher punishments, such as being banned for an indiscriminate amount of time. We do not tolerate players who think they are above the most basic rules of the game. We in this meetup understand about playing for both competitiveness and fun but we MUST maintain a sense of order.

Offside are called by the designated last man (by the captains) and the keeper. Fouls can only be called by the person affected by it and it will automatically stop play. Hand balls no matter the situation also stop play as well. Individuals who abuse calling offsides and fouls when no situation has occurred will be warned and then promptly lose the ability to make such judgement by the coordinators. However, should we have a referee, the calls will be made by referee

Chaser rule: those who kick the ball are to get the ball and bring it back. Those who kick a ball and lose the ball, will be held financially responsible for a replacement ball.

More complicated scenarios do occur, however, this will be handled by coordinators as their rule is the final ruling in all matters.

For Teams: Most meetup days will consist of 24 players on the field 12 v 12 or on certain days 11 v 11 with 1 sub on each team; with 2, 45 minute halves. Each team will start with two captains picked by organizers, and the captains will decide formation, who they pick for their teams, and other matters that organizers need their opinion on. Everyone is expected to play every position and to stay at their position. Captains reserve the right to pick goal keepers (for up to 15 minutes unless agreed upon for a different arrangement), and to choose where the player goes on the field afterwards. Changing of keepers will occur only when the team who wants to switch out keepers have possession of the ball and call for a keeper change. Goalies must some sort of finger protection, there is no negotiation, safety is our primary concern!

For Logistics: You must bring proper footwear(primarily turf shoes but also bring hard grounds), no metal cleats! failure to bring adhere to this will result in you being unable to play.

Inclement weather does occur...Coordinators are responsible to call games on or off. We will always try to notify people within a 12 hour notice to at least 3-4 hours before. You, as RSVPs are responsible to check if games have been cancelled.

Fighting will not be tolerated nor toxic behavior, Fighting is an automatically dismal from the group, For toxic behavior (overly coaching, verbal harassment, language) you will be warned and then asked to leave by coordinators should it continue. You are also expected to stay from start to finish, we also must pride ourselves to have a sportsmen-like attitude win or lose, those who do not/can not, are not welcome to play.

Any other questions, please feel free to ask myself or any other coordinator about anything that may concern you

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