Wednesday Night Futbol (Permitted)


Location image of event venue


By RSVP-ing "yes", you have indicated you have read the group description and will abide by all the statements set fourth in the group charter and what is stated in this summary.

You must have signed the waiver in order to play and paid the annual fee of $40.

Players should be at the field at 19:50, and ready for team selection at 20:15 on the field. tardiness will be punished. Should we not have 24 players during team selection at 20:15 and no prior valid excuse to a player's tardiness, "Walk-ons" will be permitted to fill in the spots and play the entire game.

Individuals who are on the wait list are expected to check back at 18:00 the day of to see if they made it onto the RSVP list, as they are held liable to still attend. Should you make other plans, you are expected to change your rsvp to "No" before the RSVP close time....

To avoid last minute drop outs, the RSVP closes after 18:00. Those who drop out after 18:00 will be penalized with a "strike" if they are on the RSVP "Yes" list.

All players are expected to stay the full game time, please let coordinators know if you have to leave early but do not make it a habit.