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Photo-Trade Project & Meetup - FREE meetup!

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Swap your 4x6 photos with each other under a monthly themed concept.

Anyone can play, any camera (even camera-phones) as long as you have a means to print 10-4x6 prints to hand out (CVS, Walgreens and Unique Photo all do this).
Even if you don't have photos to trade, just meetup to introduce yourself or just hang out with everyone.

Anytime between 6:30PM-8PM - Meet other photography enthusiasts and share your favorite once-a-month project images in this group's exclusive PHOTO-TRADE! We will all be meeting at the cafe located in the facility.

This meetup is designed to get you to go out and just shoot. Don't worry about following any rules! Just create from the heart and share your visions with others by trading your pictures for theirs.

Each month, we will get together and dish on the latest photo-talk as well as be given a photo-project. Photographers must work within the month's theme and have 10 4x6 copies ready to swap with each other. We trade photo prints with each other like card collecting. Be sure to include your watermark/copyright/any information on your copies that you are handing out. Also, we will have a camera to demo at each meeting.

Photo Project is to capture the essence of: ENERGY

Camera available to demo: Canon 7D

I think for my Engery picture, I might leave the shutter open while cars pass to get a nice light trail!
What are you going to do?

*Please do not include any photos with nudity, bodily fluids, violence or racism.
The Marketing Coordinator has the right to reject any material seen unfit to trade.
Images cannot be duplicated in any way unless by original owner.

Taryn Truese is the new Marketing Coordinator for Unique University. Having run previous successful photo-group meetups and workshops, Taryn is creating awesome events at Unique, such as The Fashion Photography Seminar with Canon-Explorer-of-Light Stephen Eastwood and a NYC Agency Model, Photographing Body Painted Models and Unique's Exclusive PhotoTrade! Each month, meetup and trade your 4x6 photos like trading cards! For more info or to sign up for these events, contact

Taryn Truese
Marketing Coordinator
Unique Photo
123 US Hwy. 46 (west)
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Tell: (973) 377-5555 x266