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This is a good way to make a spiritual connection during your work day and it's a chance to meet new people who love The City.

God, through the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures, calls us to pray for the shalom (the welfare or prosperity or peace)of the City. We'll gather for 2-3 minutes of encouragement from the Bible. Then we'll break into smaller groups of 2-3 people and walk through The City asking God to put more of his love in our hearts so that we may love God, The City, and one another more deeply. We ask God to give us eyes of faith to see The City as God sees it in its beauty and brokenness.

This might sound weird if you've never walked and prayed at the same time, especially in a public setting. I've been doing prayer walks for the last six months from this same location and its never been weird. Our voices are low enough that people probably just assume we're talking to each other. Or maybe they hear that we're praying and this is such an open, tolerant City that most forms of weirdness are accepted. Either way, come and see for yourself!

Maybe you've never prayed out loud with a group before or maybe you don't believe in God. That's totally cool with us. Come along with us and check it out anyway. You don't have to say a word to pick up on the positive energy - some might say "be caught up in the spirit" of what we're doing.

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