What we're about

I'm a seeker. I'm a lover. I'm a mystic.

In my entire life I have searched to experience God in my heart.
I have knocked at many doors to find the experience of God in my heart which is the only knowledge. This knwoledge cannot be contained within the limits of any book, religion or philosophy but indeed it has to be experienced in the heart of the seeker.

I'm a student and a teacher of the path of Sufism (the mystical tradition of Islam). I have walked the path of Sufism for more than 20 years with my teacher Sidi Muhammad Jamal Shadhdhuli .

A path in the way of the message of Unity, a message that was brought to the holy prophets and messengers from Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed peace be upon them. A message of peace, mercy, compassion , love and justice. A teaching that is inspired by the divine love to all of us.

I invite to join me for an evening of mystical experience. We will have a Sufi chanting, poetry and teaching in the way of Unity and we will close with prayers and an exercise of learning to see each other beyond the veils of separation, beyond color, races and religion which awaken us and give us a glimpse to the unity consciousness.

This is a group for anyone who is called to join me in the teaching and the spiritual practice in the path of Unity.

This is a group of mystics, seekers and lovers.

Looking forward to meet the beloved family.


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