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*Connect with Actors, Actresses, film makers and screenplay writers.*Create a great screenplay and story that we can film at a small budget. *Film it and edit it. *Get the film to competitions, festivals show case our talents and make more connections. Reason for me creating this meetup group, When I was 17 I finished my first screenplay and didn't know what my next move should be. I heard about meetup group on YouTube and attended a lot of them. Although it allowed me to connect to a few filmmakers who gave me great advice. I still felt lost and alone. It made me stop what I love doing and pursue a career in sales that I am not passionate in. I am now 22 and have gained experience in team work and finishing a project. The most important thing for me is to channel that focus into the film industry. I only know how to create a story and write a screenplay that can connect with peoples emotions. I don't know how to film, act or approach film festivals and competitions. The GOAL is to CONNECT with people who have a knowledge and a passion to learn more from everything that is necessary to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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