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This group is for the "awakened" one in the throngs and crowds of "sleepers" we pass everyday. We are the ones who believe that Pearl Harbor was NOT a surprise attack from the Japanese empire, Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT the lone assassin who killed JFK, Sandy Hook shooting was NOT done at the hand of a lone disturbed gunman and more importantly, 9/11 was NOT orchestrated by a small group of Muslim terrorists but, instead, by hands deep in the Bush Administration and many more "conspiracy theories" we know as truths.

• We do NOT discuss UFOs, Ghosts or any other paranormal interests in this group. There are plenty of other local groups you could join and talk endlessly with others about that so go there instead.

• We do NOT organize/support marches, Side with or Support any political party or participate in any election cycle.

• We do NOT do any interviews. NONE. Doesn't matter which newspaper or news organization you write for. Paid or Unpaid. NO INTERVIEWS.

• To enter the group, You must answer the introductory questions.

Come all those awakened or not.

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