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We started this Meetup group to reach people who are looking for like-minded, spiritually oriented individuals who focus on lifting up the individual, the community and the world.

Unity of Las Vegas is a spiritual community offering celebration, study, spiritual coaching, weddings, holy unions, memorial services, and community outreach for followers of New Thought, Unity, the Secret, A Course in Miracles, Daily Word, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Andy Dooley, Yogananda, Buddha, Christ, metaphysics, etc.

If you're looking for more abundance in relationships, finances, health, joy, energy, and consciousness, we invite you to join us. All are welcome.


For more info about us, check out our webpage (https://www.unitylasvegas.org/)and our Facebook page! (https://www.facebook.com/UnityChurchLV/)

Upcoming events (5+)

Southeast Las Vegas Meditation Group

Hilf house

Start or strengthen your individual meditation practice in a small group. We will focus on simple breath and mantra meditations with goals of quieting the monkey mind and becoming more mindful in our life. This meditation group is meets in Southeast Las Vegas, close to the 515 and an easy jog from Henderson.

Unity Sunday Gathering & Youth Program

Unity of Las Vegas

Join us every Sunday at 10am for music, an inspirational message, fellowship, and a full youth program (https://www.unitylasvegas.org/sunday-experience). Our speaker is Rev. Barry Vennard (https://www.unitylasvegas.org/our-minister), who offers insights on how to live a more uplifting, prosperous, joyous and love-centered life, based on the Unity teachings (https://www.unitylasvegas.org/about-us). All are welcome - and the children will love our youth program!

A Course in Miracles Study Group

Unity of Las Vegas

Need assistance in achieving Spiritual transformation, or becoming more aware of love’s presence? Then this Course is for you. Love and gratitude will pave the way to a stronger connection to God in this spiritual thought system that teaches love and forgiveness as the road to inner peace. The Course in Miracles is an open discussion class, designed to help participants explore and follow the path of the Course, as the author intended. The purpose is to allow all a better understanding of the psychological and spiritual concepts presented throughout the text. The Course facilitators are Roz Brooks and Marsha Slater, life long students on the path. They will be assisted by Steve Arthur and Valerie Colden. Love donations will be graciously accepted to benefit Unity of Las Vegas.

Ananda Mandala Chakra Meditation

Unity of Las Vegas

Ananda Mandala is a yoga inspired breathing exercise where together we enter fields of bliss. As explorers of the heart, we invoke the presence of the Divine of our own Being. A gift of O&O Academy, Ananda Mandala is a sacred advanced technique of opening up our individual chakra energies. The 7-part breathing set physically opens each of the 7 chakras and oxygenates the entire body. In the short term, experiences of bliss are very common. In the long term, Ananda Mandala creates physical strength and harmony in each of the 7 intelligence centers. Contact Phone:[masked] Email: [masked]

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A Course in Miracles Study Group

Unity of Las Vegas

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