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Tai Chi is the most practiced exercise in the world and is also known as “moving meditation” and is safe for all ages.

Tai Chi is a slow, graceful Chinese exercise that enhances relaxation skills, mental focus and physical alignment while building leg strength, endurance and stability. Ideal for increasing stamina, flexibility and coordination. Tai Chi promotes efficiency of movement and economy of effort. Its principles apply to all activity. Tai Chi is a form of Qigong, a Chinese term for energy cultivation.

Tai Chi practice incorporates principles for health of body, mind and spirit. These principles promote harmony in human interactions as well.

Bonnie's Tai Chi Class brings all your physiological systems from digestion, cardiovascular, respiration, immunity and mental activity up to a higher level in a gentle and low impact manner. No movement is too difficult or strenuous as Bonnie modifies each movement to fit every student's needs. Many of her students can work at different levels within the same class whether you are doing chair work due to an injury or studying in preparation to teach. Greater flexibility, core stability, improved balance, less fatigue, and reduced stress aid in the ability for her students to prevent and deal with issues such as Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, Arthritis, Joint Replacement, Lowering Blood Pressure, Depression, Anxiety and Breathing. Bonnie has often said that this ancient exercise surprisingly often meets the individuals needs what ever they may be.

Suggested Offering $8 per class.

Bonnie Thomas Birdsall has been a certified instructor of Tai Chi for 15 years. Bonnie brings her passion for music, movement, acting and singing to whatever class she is conducting. Whether the group is children, adults, or seniors, Bonnie engages and involves the students in a wonderful experience that touches their souls. Bonnie’s education and certifications include CPR Certified, Water Safety Certification from the YMCA, BA from North Carolina School of Arts, continuing eduction classes from Mitchell College and T. Schreiber Studio.


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