What we're about


Unity Spiritual Community is part of the New Thought movement---a way of life that honors all people's worth and right to follow the path of their hearts. We study both traditional and non-traditional spiritual texts, emphasizing the similarities in their teachings, representing the leading edge of our new millenium while illuminating our rich spiritual traditions. Unity Spiritual Community is a place where all people are welcome and differences are celebrated as the splendor of God’s creative expression. Our perspective is that each of us co-creates our own experiences by our thoughts and words in response to our feelings, and we provide a community of people willing to share and work with these concepts making our awakening process flow more smoothly.

Our Mission:
We are a visionary community offering sanctuary, celebration, enlightenment, and inclusivity for all who seek spiritual awareness.

Our Vision:
Light-filled, heart-centered, spirit-led, Unity Spiritual Community prepares the way for the awakened human.

Visit our website - http://www.unitycitrusheights.org

Contact us at info@unitycitrusheights.org or call 916-827-0225

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