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We are a group of Spiritual Truth Students sharing information, with activities designed to promote learning and growth in an open, accepting community atmosphere.

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Yoga Basics

Unity of Grand Rapids

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by yoga or unsure of where to start, this class is designed for you. This class will assist you in starting a daily yoga practice of your own by giving you confidence to roll out your yoga mat. You’ll learn the basics of the postures in this balanced hatha yoga class. Instructor: Kaitlyn Klug

Energy Healing (As a self-care practice)

Unity of Grand Rapids

This class provides you with tools and techniques to use to strengthen the energy body’s aura, cleanse the energy centers of the body and release the ties that hold you to the past and negative emotions you no longer need or desire to have. We will focus on energy healing as a self-care technique. We will draw on the energy of Universal Source Energy and remember the power we have within us to return to joy and the natural state of peace we desire. Instructor: Jennifer An

Yoga + Yoga Nidra

Unity of Grand Rapids

Yoga Nidra is a practice of conscious relaxation done in shavasana (lying on your back on the floor) to induce total physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Before we practice yoga nidra, we will prepare the body with 20 minutes of yoga postures. Half an hour of yoga nidra is as restorative for the body and mind as two hours of regular sleep. The practice of yoga nidra has been found to reduce tension and anxiety as well as possibly easing physical symptoms caused by stress. Instructor: Jennifer An

Passage Meditation

Unity of Grand Rapids

**NEW MEMBERS please contact Class Facilitator, Sharon LaNoue, at[masked]. She would love to give you a bit of class information before you attend so you will be in the know about the flow of the class when you arrive! :) If you are curious about what meditation has to offer, if you are searching for meaning and purpose, or if you have problems in life that are difficult to solve, come join us! This class is based on the teachings of Eknath Easwaran. He writes, 'There is nothing like meditation on earth. Each day it is new to me and fresh. It fills me with unshakable security, inspires me with wisdom beyond the reach of the intellect, and releases within me the capacity to act calmly and compassionately.'

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Unity of Grand Rapids

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