Spiritual Services "O Holy Darkness, Full of Grace" w/ Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones

Unity in the Foothills Peace Center Meetup
Unity in the Foothills Peace Center Meetup
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In Luke’s Gospel, we read that Mary was “disturbed” at the words that the Angel Gabriel used to greet her. When we consider how difficult it can sometimes be for us to hear words of unconditional praise, this is not hard to understand. Come and join us as we continue to explore the Advent Season as a time of Holy Darkness, where even the “dark places” of our souls are full of Grace.
"And the angel went in and said to her, O full of Grace; our Lord is with you, O blessed one among women." - Luke 1: 28
Unity in the Foothills is associated with Unity Worldwide Ministries. When you come home to a service at our Spiritual Center, you will be warmly greeted by a community of loving souls. We enjoy celebrating Spirit’s unifying Power and Presence with music, prayer, meditation, hugs, and teachings that put powerful spiritual tools in your pocket so that you may live life abundantly. We are guided by the Christ within all of us to love you, to bless you, to appreciate you, and to behold the Christ as you. Our services start at 11:00 and usually last an hour and 15 minutes. We can’t wait to see you!

Our Spiritual Leader:

Reverend Carolyn Swift Jones is an ordained minister with The United Metaphysical Churches, a spiritual organization that shares the same theological principles that the Unity Church holds dear. Reverend Carolyn is also a professional Spiritual Counselor, a practice she has been involved with for over thirty years working with many people around the globe to help bring them into closer resonance with their Higher Selves. Believing fully in the words of the Great Master Teacher Jesus when he referred to our ability to do the things that he did, she facilitates a meditational group called "Many Hands Make Light Work", the focus of which is healing for our sweet planet earth. She is thrilled to be the Spiritual Leader of Unity in the Foothills and beholds the Christ in each and every dear soul of our loving and growing community.