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Aug 10, 2015


Old Gamer....VR Evangelist.. Unity newbie..

Hi there! We want to run meetings that are interesting to everybody, so please tell us your dicipline! (Artist, Programmer, Musician, etc...)

Programmer, Writer,arguably an Artist ( in that: I argue that I am , anyone who's seen my work says otherwise!)

If you're a programmer, what is your experience in programming and with Unity 3D? What language do you use with Unity?

some basic 2d games .python Java C ..currently using C# in unity

Are you working on a game at the moment? If yes, what genre? What size is your team and what are you called?

yes ,a mobile Arcade VR app. My Team? like Han......I'm Solo(groan)

What kind of games do you like? Do you have a preference for control scheme (Mouse, touch, joypad) or display (VR, etc)?

anything's good as long as it works..currently VR is my thing!

What do you expect from this group? Are there any topics you'd like to see a presentation on at DUUG?

hopefully good advice. Anything on Unity version control would be good..