Past Meetup

Power Up Univera Lunch, Vienna, VA 12-1:30pm


We gather for networking and wonderful korean food, order lunch and then the prize: This unique wellness community offers a 45-minute overview of the sciences of cell renewal and regenerative nutrition, how to get involved in a personal wellness program and how to benefit from sharing it with others. It's a great place to network with other entrepreneurs and wellness and alternative health professionals, and to get current with the latest research on how to dramatically improve your health as you get older.

Experience your body as the MIRACLE that it is !

 Boost energy at the cellular level without stimulants

 Enhance mental clarity and focus, Optimize metabolic fitness

 Strengthen immunity and enhance renewal and repair

 Improve stamina and increase core strength; reduce stress

 Increase joint flexibility and comfort

 Home-based Business and Unlimited financial opportunity

 Free Business Coaching in the Trillion-Dollar Wellness industry