First Meetup

This is a past event

4 people went

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This was the earliest day/time I could schedule at the library. Hopefully people can make it. Here’s what I thought in terms of agenda:

1) Intros/what people hope to gain from the group

2) Discuss/brainstorm key topics in health policy we want to cover
(For example, my initial ideas are: general overview of the health system, pros and cons of universal healthcare, specific country models (which countries should we study?); reading the medicare for all bills being considered currently)

3) Brainstorm seminal books, films, studies or other material from reputable, accessible sources that will educate us on the key topics. (Afterwards we can try to narrow the list down)

4) Agree on an initial book that we can read and then meet to discuss as a group. Also agree on reasonable timelines that give us enough time to read (or mostly read) the book. (fyi the library allows once a month meetings)

5) Miscellaneous: General thoughts, recommendations, suggestions.

If people want to brainstorm now in the comments, that could help us get started faster. If not, then bringing your ideas to the first meeting works too.