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Ascension Times and Soul Expansion: The Big Picture
Mike and Mary will collaborate in a discussion to present an overview of physical and metaphysical changes that we believe are happening on every level of our personal and collective evolution. We will discuss the nature and purpose of chakras and other energy concepts, the role of love and light in our growth and awakening, the evolution of our souls through many lifetimes and experiences, and the expansion of the new human and the new human template. Have you noticed how our little ones can do so much more than older generations when they/we were small? The shift is real. We will discuss the great shift and where we are headed as a planet, and touch on the role of higher guides and beings who are watching and assisting us at this time. We will discuss the catalytic nature of all challenges that we are facing, and how to maintain a positive perspective through difficult times. We will discuss our roles and responsibilities in the emerging Golden Age. What can we do to support Mother Earth and what will life be like as we move into our new future? We wanted this presentation to serve as a both a higher level overview as well as a practical guide to understanding the basics of being and becoming a higher dimensional being as Earth moves into higher and more intense energies. We will have a longer question/answer and discussion period also after our presentations and look forward to hearing all of your thoughts as well on these topics. There is no charge for this meetup but we will pass the hat around for love donations if you are inclined to support meetup costs. Please note my cell does not always work in the East Library. I'll try and remember to put it on wi-fi. [masked] (Mary) Note: This meetup is being posted to several sites. Please only sign up on one site so that it's easy for us to count attendees. We will be endeavoring to allow in as many waitlists as possible at the last minute, assuming there are any waitlisted.

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    "Meta" means "beyond," thus metaphysical is literally “beyond the physical.” The science of that which is beyond energy, matter, motion and force. Being metaphysical is about finding your “truth" and getting in touch with spirit... your soul... what makes you, you. It’s finding true bliss by enjoying a spiritually-based career and life experience. It's about discovering why you are here and living the life you are currently living. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, or any other of the world's great religions. Metaphysics is a spiritual philosophy of life that helps you more fully comprehend your chosen religion and enhances your religious experience, whatever that might be!

    Our meetings and workshops are centered on various metaphysical topics, such as natural healing, universal laws, psychic development, astrology, numerology, archangels and ascended masters, dream interpretation, and more. Many of our instructors are professional metaphysicians! It is a great place to meet others of like mind and spirit. Join us on your spiritual journey and bring your knowledge and experience in all things divine to share with our group. If this is all new to you, that's why we're here! We're sure you'll find plenty to interest you and look forward to meeting you soon!

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