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EMBRACING YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES: Auras & Chakras and the Role They Play in Life

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Have you ever:

…considered what it would be like to communicate with spirits on the other side?

…wondered what a spirit's voice sounds like?

…questioned what you would do if you found yourself face to face with a... "ghost?"

…wondered if you were a medium or had psychic abilities?

…seen or sensed the dark blobs out of the corner of your eyes that sit low to the ground and disappear as soon as you look their way?

…felt the hair stand upon the back of your neck and find yourself running out of the room because you KNOW someone is there, but can’t see them?

…wanted to know how to control what you are experiencing and, at times, just shut it all off?

…been in a room of people and felt sick, only to feel better once you left the room?

…felt like you didn’t belong or like no one really understands you?

Many people are fascinated by the Long Island Medium or James Van Praagh and want to know how they can do what these famous psychics do. Others know they have psychic abilities, but aren’t sure what to do with them. Some have “odd” experiences, but don’t’ really understand what they are. A few are even frightened and wish they could just turn it all off!

The truth is that we are all born with the ability to tap into the "otherworld;" the life on the other side of the veil. We are all psychic intuitives to some extent. It is just that some of us embrace these abilities, while others ignore them, or worst, are afraid of them!

This 3-part workshop is designed to help you learn to embrace your very special gifts and how to put fear at bay so that you no longer fear that which you cannot see. It is also for those interested in learning how to hear, feel, sense, and perhaps even see those who have crossed over, or who are interested in learning how to work with their abilities. Your instructor, Janet Day, will teach you how to:

…identify your own psychic strengths.

…tune out and tune into the messages from beyond.

…tell the difference between ghost, spirit, guide, and angel energy.

…control your gifts and take command of your life!

…understand the symbols used by your angels and guides to communicate.

…protect yourself from unwanted energies.

…build a relationship with your guides or angels on the other side.

…read auras and work with the chakra system.

…and so much more!

You do NOT have to consider yourself psychic. This is about learning how to control and work with your inborn abilities! And if you have already been working your very special gifts, this workshop will help you grow!

There are 3 workshops all together that will be presented once each month through the summer. These workshops will NOT be repeated for at least another year, so be sure you attend now!

Tuesday, June 25th – Part I, “How Do I Quiet All Those Voices in My Head?”

Penrose library

Tonight’s workshop is NOT about psychoanalysis! It is about learning to identify your gifts, understanding spirit energy, self-protection, how to control your gifts, and developing a relationship with your guides and angels.

Wednesday, July 31st – Part II, “Auras & Chakras and the Role They Play in Your Life.”

Penrose library

In this evening’s workshop, you will learn how to read auras and the key role the chakra system plays in your readings. During this workshop, you will also practice reading chakra energy, as well as learning how to heal the various blocks to your true happiness in life!

Saturday, August 31st – Part III, “Tuning Out and Tuning In, Where it All Comes Together.”

Rockrimmon library

You will learn how to tune out to the mundane and tune into the life beyond. In addition, we will chat about psychic symbology and the different ways spirits communicate with you. Then, we will actually close by performing psychic readings together, so this is sure to be an experience for all!

Your instructor for this workshop is Janet Day, an ordained minister with International Metaphysical Ministry and is a natural-born Medium and Psychic Intuitive. Janet offers psychic readings, mentoring, and spiritual counseling.

Please note: To be earth-friendly and energy efficient, the library sets the room temp at 67 degrees. This temp cannot be changed. If 67 degrees is uncomfortable for you, please dress warmly or bring a jacket and/or throw. Thank you!

A fee of $15 is required for these workshops. For your convenience, credit card payments are available by going to and sending your love offering to: [masked] . Please note the deadline for online payments is one hour prior to the event. Be sure to review the refund policy for this event prior to submitting your payment!

Join us Wednesday, July 31st at 6:30pm at Penrose library.

If you are interested in scheduling a psychic reading with Janet, UMMG group members receive a special discounted rate of $50 for 30 minutes, $75 for 45 minutes, or $100 for one hour. To schedule your psychic reading, please email Janet at readings (at sign) themoongoddessllc dot com, or call her on her cell phone at[masked] dash 6860.