How Can We Serve the Universe? West London Meeting

Universal Consciousness: The Next Step
Universal Consciousness: The Next Step
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Do you contemplate big questions like:

How Energy, Galaxies and Universes were created?

How Evolution on this planet takes place?

What is the reason for the widespread depression of our time?

How to increase your energy and wellbeing?

These answers and many more are found in The Knowledge Book...

So what is the Purpose of The Knowledge Book?

To accelerate the evolution of the Human Being

To stimulate the higher functions of the Brain

To explain Universal Laws and Truths

To supervise and facilitate expansion of Awareness and Consciousness

The book uses a cosmic technology still unknown to modern science.

The Light-Photon-Cyclone technique makes it possible for the reader to reach the frequency of new Dimensions, as it expands their consciousness.

The Knowledge Book is a Cosmic Book, revealed to guide Humanity to Unification and to help bring in the Golden Age Civilisation on Earth.

Join us at our Introduction Talk on The Knowledge Book, to find out why this book is currently studied in more than 40 countries worldwide, and what it can offer you.

Please call Eric on[masked] for more details.

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