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Harnessing the Power of Your Dreams

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Harnessing the Power of Your Dreams

Presented by Dale Miesen,

Dale is the organizer of "The Power of Dreams", a local Meetup group and Facebook group of the same name

Whether you know it or not everyone dreams and these dreams can be a gateway for better self understanding, and a ready pathway to tap into intuitive guidance.

Dale is an expert in utilizing dreaming as a useful tool to better understand yourself and your relationship with your other-than-conscious mind.

He is well versed in interpreting the language of dreams on both a conscious and unconscious level. Dreams are the rich symbolic and metaphorical that our unconscious psyche uses to try to inform or instruct the conscious mind.

• The basic methods of Freud and Jung will be presented , and some of the common archetypes and themes of dreams.

• Some easy methods for inducing and recalling your dreams will also be discussed.

• Perhaps most important to understand is that a higher level of consciousness can be accessed and experienced as pure knowing with instant comprehension, far beyond the capacity of the conscious brain/mind.

• Lucid dreams and astral experiences of this type, experienced by Dale, will be described and discussed.

• Q&A to follow. -

• You are welcome to discuss a dream of your choice if time permits.