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Tat Tvam Asi is a platform designed to enable people to take a plunge into their ownSELF! We are all powerful debris of Infinite Consciousness and our existence is driven by our life purpose. The key to problems in life is not living your purpose fully and wanting to mimic others’ purpose as our life. We all are unique and we all have gifts to share. But wait a minute, do we even understand ourselves- The most sophisticated existence ever engineered by the creator?
Lets unravel the truth of our own reality, the truth of the world and the universe and the truth of us being the mini-verses reflecting our own life from within.

And this knowledge of Self doesn't come empty handed. .
It helps you in taking full control of your Life, removing limiting beliefs, breaking recurring patterns in your life, disengaging with limiting beliefs, and creating an abundant reality in every aspect of your life!

Are you looking for this? Then this meetup is just for you!
Join us in our endeavour to restore heaven in our minds! :)

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