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The “Unreal Engine Detroit” group is an open and vastly diverse creative community whose membership spans multiple industries, disciplines, skillsets, and locations.

We are inclusive and want everyone, everywhere, to feel welcome. Whether you are only newly curious, a recent beginner, highly experienced, or an outright wizard. This group intends to support, encourage, educate and network all its members regardless of location.

Detroit is a unique city with a unique history; its deep ties to Automotive, Manufacturing, and Innovation make this group a potential stand out in 2022 and beyond as the world begins to adopt the power of game engines.

While our online meetings will always be open to everyone, our face-to-face meetings will always be in Detroit.

Our new “Monthly Event Schedule” is coming soon!


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Unreal Engine 5 "Intro to Sound Design"

Link visible for attendees

Topics for Workshop

  • Audio asset creation, preparation and ingest
  • Specialized audio editing techniques to prepare seamless ambient and environmental loops
  • Special considerations for composing and editing music
  • One-shot sound effect implementation
  • Dynamic character foley
  • 2D and 3D audio implementation
  • Audio spatialization techniques
  • Triggering sounds using UE5 Blueprint Visual Scripting and MetaSounds
  • Triggering sounds from animations
  • Using audio components in Blueprint actors
  • Audio volumes for changes in reverberation and occlusion

For times in between events, join our growing "Unreal Detroit" Discord server to stay connected to the community every day.


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