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What we're about

Welcome to the Unruly Women’s Club!

What is it?
A space for curious women to build a heart-centred community and explore what it means to be truly authentic in a safe space. The club meets once a month and will cover a range of subjects. Examples are;
¬ How to have more connection in your life
¬ Finding more joy
¬ Seeing others and being truly seen
¬ Finding your purpose
¬ Self-expression
¬ Mindfulness
¬ Inner beauty

Explore who you are on a deeper level, letting go of all the expectations the world (and yourself) pile on.

Leave all “shoulds” at home. Bring your curiosity and your weird, wonderful, flawed self, simply as you are. Be ready to laugh until you cry, get vulnerable, make new friends and change your world.

What does it mean to be Unruly?

“Unruly: not readily ruled, disciplined, or managed”

Woah. Well, that sounds major. Maybe more than a little terrifying.

Let me explain. Our aim is to create a network of women who live joyful, connected lives full of love, passion and joy. Unruly means living your life as authentically as possible- something that can feel like a minor act of rebellion or anarchy but brings revolution to our everyday lives.

We believe in taking powerful actions for good, for ourselves, our family and our community. Unruly women can lead the way in showing what it means to live connected lives that are out of the ordinary.

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