What we're about

Let us get together and travel together, most of us would love to see and go places we never saw before but time, Work, budget and family commitments restrict us.

Untouched destination group aims at getting together to lower the cost for affordable weekends travel to untouched destinations with focus on Africa.

Each trip we organize will try to make it a weekend trips or plus 1-2 days to destinations, that takes no more than 5 hours flight and by traveling as a group we lower the cost

So, if you don’t have much time to spare then there’s nothing to stop you getting away for a short break. Just sling a few clothes in a bag and slip off for the weekend

Adventurous locations are just around the corner.

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Untouched destination-Sudan

Needs a location

Meet and greet

Rooftop lounge, up and below bar

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