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Come get in touch with your creative side on Lake Tawakoni. We will begin with a light lunch while discussing confidentiality and intentions. After lunch, we will have an opening ceremony by the lake. There will be an altar. I invite you to bring something of meaning to put on the altar (you will take it home again at the end of the workshop). If you are interested in bringing something to put on the altar, I suggest it be something that gives you a feeling of strength and courage—the strength to get in touch with your feelings and the courage to allow them to flow through you.

After establishing a sense of trust, we will go on a silent nature walk to collect natural objects that we will use later. After our walk, we will take a few minutes to journal about what we saw and how we felt on our walk. I will provide journals that you will keep.

We will collect our natural objects and meet at the tables on the deck to begin the process of creativity. The focus of this workshop is to foster creativity; it is not to focus on the end product that we take away from this exercise. We each need to commit to keep our judgments to ourselves. We are not looking for a masterpiece, we are looking for innovation and originality.

And finally, each of you will have an opportunity to design a vision board for yourself. A vision board will show what you hope that your future life will look like. It can include future relationships, future employment, future family, future living arrangements, or any combination of these. This exercise will give you an opportunity to think about what you are hoping to achieve in the future; and it allows you to make a visual representation of what you think that goal will look like. Being able to visualize a goal helps guide us to fulfillment. And keeping a vision board close at hand and visible helps to reinforce those goals.

We will finish our workshop by reconvening at the altar. If anyone is interested, they can choose to have a Tarot Card reading. If anyone is interested in sharing their experience of the day, they can do so at this point. When everyone is ready to close, we will have a final closing reading.

I would ask that each of you stay for a few minutes afterwards to fill out a questionnaire. Feedback is important for me for the development of my workshops. My desire is to please my attendees and I can only do that when I know your opinions. Thank you for joining us.

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